‘Hannibal’ Masters the Art of Seduction

Hannibal1CreditNBCI don’t have the horror movie gene. I’m immune to the intentions of thrillers, suspense movies, slasher movies, and other films that use painful circumstances and lonely houses to scare people. The horror genre just doesn’t affect me, make me want to hide my eyes or grab my friend. That’s one reason I’ve been indifferent to the body of work surrounding author Thomas Harris’ fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Read more »

Matters of the Art: ‘Lost Souls’ vs. ‘Ghost Food’

Tinkertown rabbit hole

MotA1CreditCCByBetsyWeberDo you know Tinkertown, that one-of-a-kind art installation/museum/carnival of the weird and wonderful located a half-hour east of Albuquerque? Its influence has long spilled beyond its own kitschy, meticulously populated borders – and now, it’s inspiring a new, all-ages theater production from the Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company. Read more »

ABQ Free Press-KANW Newscast, Episode 7

Dennis Domrzalski head shotKANW-FM 89.1 LogoABQ Free Press and New Mexico Public Radio KANW-FM 89.1 have teamed up for a weekly five-minute radio newscast. “The Update” with ABQ Free Press associate editors Dennis Domrzalski and Samantha Anne Carrillo airs every Monday at 8:25 a.m.

This episode of “The Update” includes news on back-door raises to top brass at the Albuquerque Police Department and upcoming entertainment events in the Albuquerque Metro Area. It originally aired on Aug. 24.


EmmyLou Harris, Rodney Crowell Play Santa Fe

wifisymbolIn 2013, country music icons Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell released a Grammy-winning duet album titled “Old Yellow Moon.” The critical accolades for “Old Yellow Moon” banished any lingering doubts about the wisdom of teaming up.

Their second duet album, “The Traveling Kind,” dropped on Nonesuch Records this summer. Touring in support of that release, Harris and Crowell play the Santa Fe Opera, 301 Opera Drive, on Monday, Aug. 31. Read more »

Purity Ring’s Future Pop Promise

Purity Ring DuoIt’s such a clean, resounding band name, isn’t it? Purity Ring. It has a purity of purpose. And there’s the underlying tongue-in-cheek humor of it; the Canadian duo — self-described as a purveyor of “future pop” — took its name from a cornerstone of our nation’s Christian abstinence-only sex ed movement. Read more »

Martinez-Skandera Puppet Show Comes to APS

Luis ValentinoThe debacle over the missteps of the Albuquerque Public Schools superintendent provides a window into a disturbing statewide effort by Gov. Susana Martinez and the state Department of Education to bypass local school boards and implement policy directly through local school administrators. Read more »

Video of APS Board’s Sunday Special Meeting

Independent video journalist Charles Arasim shot this video at the special APS Board of Education meeting on Sunday Aug. 23. The board went into executive session to discuss the Luis Valentino situation and emerged several hours later to say it would convene again to discuss Valentino’s status on Thursday, Aug. 27. Read more »

Berry Giving APD Brass Back-door Raises

Roll of moneyMayor Richard Berry’s administration appears to have violated city law by giving hefty retention bonuses to top Albuquerque cops even after the City Council decided to ditch the program.

The decision to continue giving the $6,000- to $12,000-a-year bonuses to 19 members of the command staff was made without approval of the Albuquerque City Council as required by the city’s budget ordinance. Read more »

AG Balderas Wades into APS Supt. Debacle

NM AG Hector BalderasNew Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas says he is launching an investigation into how Albuquerque Public Schools failed to do a background check on a deputy superintendent facing child sexual abuse charges.

The deputy superintendent, Jason Martinez, is facing those charges in Colorado and could go on trial in October.

Balderas said his office will perform a “safety assessment” of APS’s security breach. Read more »

N.M. Payday Lenders Get Roundhouse Payoff

Payday loans signIf you wonder why it’s still legal in New Mexico to charge up to 1,000 percent on payday and title loans, a clue lies in the campaign finance records of the Office of Secretary of State.

Payday lenders, title loan lenders and other high-interest storefront lending operations or their lobbyists gave state legislators tens of thousands of dollars during the last two election cycles, an ABQ Free Press investigation found. Read more »

Adieux Cafe: From Frito Pies to Manhattans

Red Cocktail with mint and ice, selective focusAdieux café, Downtown’s sleeping giant, has a friendly, laidback vibe. It’s the sort of joint where you meet friends for lunch or a round of post-work, pre-dinner spirits. A spectrum of fine liquors is displayed for your perusal. The bartender can whip you up anything from classics like gimlets and Manhattans to brand-new, experimental specials.

Lately Chef Thomas Groff has been brewing tinctures to promote their forthcoming seasonal drink menu. Happy hour at Adieux happens every day from 4 to 6 p.m. Read more »

Judge: Sandy, Perez Will Stand Trial in Boyd Slaying

James Boyd, homeless camperTwo Albuquerque police officers will have to stand trial on second-degree murder charges for fatally shooting homeless camper James Boyd in March 2014.

Bernalillo County District Judge Neil Candelaria ruled Tuesday that there was probable cause to hold former officer Keith Sandy and officer Dominique Perez over or trial on second-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter charges. Read more »

Bubonicon Hits ABQ Marriott Uptown Aug. 28-30

Bubonicon, an Albuquerque sci-fi tradition, has been evolving for 47 years.

It’s New Mexico’s longest-running sci-fi convention and geek fest, and this year’s gathering happens the last weekend in August. Bubonicon sets itself apart from other such conferences with its laser-like focus on sci-fi and fantasy literature. Read more »

Taking Down Rape Culture

You didn’t say yes, but you didn’t say no either.

Look at what you’re wearing. What’d you think would happen?

He’s famous, so of course he had a lot of sex … but rape? I don’t think so.

LaciGreenHow many times in casual conversation have we all heard – or even said – these things? An honest acknowledgment would tell us “too often.” A brutally honest one would remind us that such ideas are reflective of rape culture. It’s a world in which we pretend that sexual violence isn’t pervasive, and that it isn’t perpetuated by heteronormative notions of insatiable male sexuality and/or perpetual female sexual availability. All the while, rape culture blames victims, tells women that their worth is 100 percent body-based and cracks jokes about men dropping the soap in prison showers. Read more »

‘Bojack Horsemen’ Tackles Equine Midlife Crisis

Let’s take a moment to salute the great American tradition that was once Saturday morning cartoons. When I was a kid, Friday was pizza night so Saturday morning meant a slice of cold, leftover pizza that I’d carry along to the living room and watch my favorite shows. My parents slept in and since I was lucky enough to be an only child, I was King of the Schedule. While I loved classics like “The Jetsons,” my favorites were more serious and adventurous and included “Johnny Quest.” I dreamt that one day, I too would be whisked away to be raised in exotic locales by a handsome doctor. Oh well. Read more »

Chatter Plays Parking Garage Rooftop Sept. 5

When The Beatles recorded a rooftop concert in London circa 1969, the show became a touchstone in rock history. It also signaled the end of an era.

The Fab Four would record only one more album, and the group would disband later that year. When local classical collective Chatter plays the roof of a Downtown Albuquerque parking garage on Saturday, Sept. 5, the recital marks an upswing – rather than a decline – in its musical journey. Read more »

Matters of the Art: Spirited Animals, Pueblo, Earth

Even though Gatas y Vatas is going down in Seattle this year, the all-ages music fest featuring solo female performers (including trans and cis women, as well as genderqueer and non-binary folks) hasn’t forgotten the many nuevomexicano fans it spent its first five years cultivating. An upcoming benefit event embraces all the joyous experimentalism and performative magic you’ve come to expect from this bleeding-edge cultural force. On Sunday, Aug. 16, fans old and new can head to Tiguex Park (1800 Mountain NW) for Animales Animados: Monsters Under the Bed. Read more »