Machine to Harvest N.M. Green Chile for First Time

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After more than 20 years of decline, and just as many years of effort and research to reverse that slide, New Mexico’s chile industry this year is poised for a breakthrough that could revive it and change forever the way green chile is harvested.

Beginning in late July, about 200 acres of the state’s commercial green chile crop will be harvested by a mechanical picker from Israel. It will be the first time ever that mechanical harvesting will be tried on a commercial chile crop. If the test is successful, it could revolutionize the industry that’s been shrinking since its high point in 1992. Read more »

Teachers Say Testing System Designed to Fail Them

test pencil and scoresheet

By Joey Peters
New Mexico Political Report

At 26 and with four years of teaching music at Eisenhower Middle School in Albuquerque under his belt, Nick Prior is ready to take his career to its next phase. That would mean advancing from a state-certified Level 1 instructor to Level 2, which would bump his modest salary from $30,000 a year to $40,000 a year. Prior leads six choir groups at the school, half of which have earned state awards. Read more »

Residents Rebel Against Apartment Complex Rules

Some residents of La Resolana Seniors Community in Northeast Albuquerque have an idea they believe would show how the Section 8, rent-assisted facility is run by its owner and manager. They want to print up signs with the word “cell” and put them above their apartment numbers. They complain managers run the complex like a prison and use intimidation and a system of snitches to frighten them into compliance with ever-changing and increasingly restrictive rules. Read more »

From ProPublica: Killing the Colorado River

An Excerpt

By Abraham Lustgarten


A couple of miles outside the town of Page, Ariz., three 775-foot-tall caramel-colored smokestacks tower like sentries on the edge of northern Arizona’s sprawling red sandstone wilderness. At their base, the Navajo Generating Station, the West’s largest power-generating facility, thrums ceaselessly, like a beating heart. Read more »