This is the home of ABQ Free Press, Albuquerque’s new free newspaper.

ABQ Free Press is devoted to analysis, interpretation and explanatory journalism on topics affecting the lives of people in Albuquerque and across New Mexico. A significant portion of our effort is devoted to uncovering what the state’s other media overlook.

The mission of ABQ Free Press can be summed up as explaining how things that happen in Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, the State of New Mexico and the American West affect you, the quality of your life, your economic freedom, your wellness and your civil liberties.

ABQ Free Press’s vision of journalism isn’t founded on a building-based system of reporting, or even event-driven coverage. In fact, it’s not “news” in the sense of breaking, raw, unfiltered, non-contextual information. Nor is our journalistic vision one of intellectual meanderings, unfocused navel-gazing or merely offering our “take” on things you probably already knew.

The “news” part of ABQ Free Press is telling you what’s happening, where and when it’s happening, and why it may interest you. By this, we mean arts and entertainment, culture, theater and film, comedy, music, recreation, special events and food. Yes, other publications already do this. No, Albuquerque certainly doesn’t need another one, but that’s just the starting point for ABQ Free Press.

ABQ Free Press exists to explain, illustrate and photograph issues, conditions and trends that affect the people of the Albuquerque Metro area. Explaining why you should care is at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t cover public meetings. We ask, who sets the agenda for the meeting?

We don’t parachute into the latest instance of public malfeasance, then jump to the next.  We’re not here to lament waste, hypocrisy, injustice or just plain stupidity; we’re here to ask, how and why does this keep happening, and how can we stop it?

We don’t cover the latest corporate breach of personal data. We ask, where is this all headed? How did we get here, and how much privacy will you have left next week, next month or next year if things don’t change?

We’re here to ask, what have the people who want your vote done for you lately, if ever? And who do they answer to?

And we ask ourselves, what can we do to help you navigate a mind-numbingly complex world just a bit more smartly?

Our goal is to cut through the chatter. We do that through authoritative writing and insightful photography that goes beyond clichéd approaches to tired subjects.

We believe that journalism is about informing, surprising and entertaining you. We’re not  just another data stream.

We publish opinion, but not ideological doctrine unsupported by reasoned analysis or facts. Yes, we serve as a community forum. No, we’re not  a venue for in-your-face shout-downs.

Yes, we have a take. Everyone has one. To deny that would be to lie to you and to ourselves. Our promise is that we are fair brokers of the information we convey, whether you agree with our worldview or not.

The ABQ Free Press is about the exercise of journalism through reporting, analysis, interpretation, investigation and reasoned discussion.

The newspaper  seeks to explore topics that affect the lives of the people of New Mexico. It defines as “news” things that affect the quality of our lives and not necessarily the background noise.

The newspaper is owned by Great Noggins, LLC. Its principals are a journalist, Dan Vukelich, and an attorney, Will Ferguson.