Within Range: On Electro, Experimental, Country

wifisymbolBack in March 2011, Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane canceled a concert in his hometown of Santa Fe owing to car trouble. I remember because it was one of the first show previews I wrote for my then-brand-new blog Things in Light. It’s been over four years, but patient high desert denizens now have two chances to catch an Egedy gig in the 505. On Wednesday, July 29, Pictureplane opens for NYC alternative hip-hop act HEEMS on his Eat Pray Thug tour at Launchpad (618 Central SW), along with Quwali and Dan K. Read more »

Pace of KAFB Fuel Spill Cleanup Quickens

glass of waterThe Kirtland Air Force Base fuel spill cleanup effort is gaining momentum. By the end of the year, two more extraction wells will be operational, bringing to three the number of wells that will be pumping contaminated groundwater and sending it to a treatment facility.

In addition, the U.S. Air Force is preparing to launch a year-long pilot project to see if microorganisms in the soil can be coaxed to eat more of the contaminates in the fuel spill itself. Read more »

Anti-genre: ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’

Me, Earl, Dying GirlEmotion is a terrible thing. The “terminally awkward” protagonist of “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” Greg (Thomas Mann), spends a lot of his high school career avoiding its inevitable costs. He deflects it with barbed sarcasm and sends up classic art films with his colleague Earl (RJ Cyler), using stop-motion animation, to create silly Truffaut homages like “The 400 Bros.” When his mother (Connie Britton), the “Lebron James of nagging,” forces him to hang out with Rachel (Olivia Cooke), a classmate who’s been diagnosed with leukemia, Greg has no choice but to close the distance within. Read more »

Within Range: Deep House, Experimental Hip-hop

wifisymbolA couple weeks ago, my personal aural history – from Texas teen to nuevomexicano thirtysomething – resulted in a stellar collision Downtown. The concert was on a weeknight. After a long day at work (with another to follow), the potential for lost sleep and excessive caffeine consumption still could not dampen my enthusiasm. I mean, Geto Boys. Shushing my better angels, I headed to Sister for a truly legendary performance by the progenitor of the Dirty South genre. Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill were on. Playing both hits and cult faves, the H-Town threesome also performed “Dear Mama” in tribute to Tupac and a staggering détournement of the Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.” It was just a show – and it was so much more than that. The way the human brain processes sound is intertwined with memories of place, experience and emotions. Put more simply, a song is the closest thing to a time machine outside of the realm of sci-fi. So get out there and listen. Read more »

Barelas Juice Joint Thrives

vf1At 6 p.m. on a cloudy Thursday evening, Vital Foods, a tiny café on the northern edge of Barelas is packed to the gills. People of all ages mill elbow-to-elbow, eat at tables clustered against the wall, lean on the lengthy counter talking with frontline prep workers and patiently form a line to place their orders – a line that snakes all the way back to an area where packaged groceries crowd slatwall shelves. Wait, this is opening night at the juice bar? Read more »

UNM Should Divest Fossil Fuel Stocks

air pollutionIt was simply coincidental, but the timing of the publication of the powerful statement from Pope Francis on Climate Change makes the UNM Board of Regents refusal in June to get rid of the university’s investments in fossil fuels seem even weaker and more wrong-headed than it appeared at first glance. Read more »

Standing Room Only: ‘Ballers’ and ‘The Brink’

Dwayne Johnson in "Ballers"HBO has been working out, Brah. There was a time when HBO was known for its more “feminine” and emotional shows, “Six Feet Under” and “Sex and The City” were two of the most popular. Hell, the whole spin on “The Sopranos” was that we were seeing the softer side of criminal killers. To cut to the chase, one word sums it up: “Girls.” Apparently it’s goodbye to all that. Read more »

Can Pols Keep their Mitts off BioPark’s $255 million?


At $28 million and counting. That’s the stunning number the city has paid out since 2010 as a result of lawsuits stemming from APD shootings. There’s little talk about how all this cash headed to families of the victims and their attorneys is impacting the city budget and city services but it is. The city is self-insured and a portion of the budget for each city department is devoted to that insurance. Read more »

Teri Gender Bender on Music, Mortality

Teri Gender BenderNo matter how many times female musicians save us (Aretha), shock us (Gaga) or scare us (Diamanda), there’s still a vocal disbelief that such creatures can even exist. Combine that with an inhospitable cultural climate, and it takes a vibrant, unapologetic voice to kick against the pricks. That’s where Teri Gender Bender, frontwoman and founder of indie punk band Le Butcherettes, comes in. With her history of brazen stage antics (think making out with a bloody pig’s head while dressed as a ’50s housewife), passionate lyrics and almost feral voice, Gender Bender reminds listeners of the transcendent power of women to cut through the shock and stereotypes in order to make powerful music. Read more »

Machine to Harvest N.M. Green Chile for First Time

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After more than 20 years of decline, and just as many years of effort and research to reverse that slide, New Mexico’s chile industry this year is poised for a breakthrough that could revive it and change forever the way green chile is harvested.

Beginning in late July, about 200 acres of the state’s commercial green chile crop will be harvested by a mechanical picker from Israel. It will be the first time ever that mechanical harvesting will be tried on a commercial chile crop. If the test is successful, it could revolutionize the industry that’s been shrinking since its high point in 1992. Read more »