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Susana: Roads for Everyone!

Susana: Roads for Everyone!

N.M. Hwy. 68 in Taos, between N.M. Hwy. 518 and Camino Del Paseo Pueblo, the gateway to Taos, will be widened to eliminate a chronic bottleneck.

TaosVisitorCenterGov. Susana Martinez announced a package of road improvement projects around the state today. They are:

Expansion of U.S. Hwy. 82 into a four-lane road between Artesia and N.M. Hwy. 529. One of the most heavily traveled highways in southeastern New Mexico, a combination of personal vehicles and a heavy flow of large commercial trucks has made this highway one of the most dangerous in the state – particularly between Artesia and just west of Maljamar. This project will expand the highway from two lanes to four throughout most of this corridor, shoulders will be added, and intersections will be improved and made safer.

Improvement, reconstruction, and widening of N.M. Hwy. 68 in Taos, between N.M. Hwy. 518 and Camino Del Paseo Pueblo. Dubbed the “Gateway to Taos Improvement Project,” this two-phase effort will first reconstruct Hwy. 68 from N.M. Hwy. 518 to La Posta Road, improving drainage, sidewalks, and curb ramps, as well as adjusting intersections to improve traffic flow and installing state-of-the-art smart signaling so that traffic can be moved in the most optimal and efficient manner throughout the entrance into Taos. The second phase, from La Posta Road to Camino Del Paseo Pueblo, would including widening a portion of the road to four lanes, smart signaling, improving the sidewalks and curb ramps, and reconstructing intersections as necessary for optimal traffic flow. Plagued by perennial traffic problems, these improvements should dramatically enhance the experience of residents and visitors to one of the busiest and well-traveled tourist destinations in New Mexico.

Reconstruction and enhancement of a bypass Route on N.M. Hwy. 6 between I-40 and Los Lunas. This project will significantly rehabilitate 18 miles of Hwy. 6, starting at I-40, including replacing two bridges, adding shoulders, improving existing lanes, and reconstructing curves that do not meet design standards. The goal is to create a bypass that will allow commercial trucks and other vehicles to move goods throughout our state more efficiently (specifically, goods being transported from our southern port to all points west via I-40, or to our southern port from the west via I-25 South). Additionally, this project will vastly improve a traffic route that can be used when major accidents, or other unfortunate events, occur on the eastbound lanes of I-40, west of Albuquerque, that produce significant traffic back-ups.

Phase 5 of the U.S. 64 Highway widening project between Bloomfield and Farmington. A key corridor for commercial traffic and a well-traveled route for residents of San Juan County, this stretch of US 64 has been under design or construction for the last ten years. These dollars will complete the funding required to construct the final portion of this widening project, which allows design and right-of-way purchases to begin in earnest (in preparation of phase 4 concluding). The road will be widened from four lanes to six, a raised median will be constructed, and improvements will be made to drainage and signaling along the route. Once completed, congestion throughout the entire corridor will be reduced, and the highway will better serve the region’s commercial and economic development goals.

Construction of a new and improved Interchange at I-25 and Rio Bravo south of Albuquerque. The interchange will be completely reconstructed to allow for greater traffic flow and safer movement through the intersection. The reconstruction of the interchange has been cited as a major economic development need for the Albuquerque metro area.

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