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Readers Trash Mayor in Poll

Readers Trash Mayor in Poll

More than 89.4 percent said they were 'unlikely' or 'extremely unlikely' to vote for Berry again.


Mayor Richard Berry is doing a miserable job managing the city on two fronts – the economy and crime – according to results of an ABQ Free Press reader poll.

Chart of how well ABQ Free Press readers believe Mayor Berry has handled ABQ's crime rateOf 275 people who responded to our online poll Nov. 4-15, 85.8 percent say the mayor is doing a poor or extremely poor job on crime. In contrast, only 14.2 percent had no opinion or said he’s handling crime “well” or “extremely well.”

Almost 55 percent of respondents place blame for the city’s rising violent crime rate squarely on the mayor and ahead of any other single factor – including the courts, the Legislature, the district attorney, the Albuquerque Police Department, the City Council, the governor, and even “society in general.”

Chart of ABQ Free Press readers on how Mayor Berry has responded to the economyOn the economy, 72.7 percent of respondents said the mayor has responded to the city’s economic woes “poorly” or “extremely poorly.” Just 9.4 percent said he has responded “well” or “extremely well,” while 17.8 percent said he has done “neither well nor poorly.”

A whopping 83.3 percent of readers believe Berry has handled problems at the Albuquerque Police Department either “poorly” or “extremely poorly.” Chart of root cause of ABQ crimeJust 16.7 percent had no opinion or believe he has done well.

As to the likelihood that poll respondents would vote for Berry if he sought higher office, he might as well save himself the candidate filing fee. More than 89.4 percent said they were “unlikely” or “extremely unlikely” to vote for Berry again.
Berry’s high negatives are a dramatic turnaround from 2013 when 69 percent of the city’s electorate voted to give him a second term and he won easily over Democratic challenger Pete Dinelli.

Chart of ABQ Free Press readers who would vote for Mayor Richard Berry if he were to seek higher office.All but 14 responses to our poll came from Albuquerque city ZIP Codes. Most areas of the city were represented, with the greatest response rates coming from the Southeast Heights, Uptown and nearby, Downtown and nearby, Nob Hill, Old Town, the West Side and Paradise Hills.

Demographically, respondents tended to be young, with roughly three-quarters of the poll’s respondents fairly evenly divided among the 21-34, 35-44 and 45-59 age groups. Slightly more than 26 percent of responses came from people 60 years old or older.

Chart of how well ABQ Readers believe Mayor Berry has handled problems at APDPolitically, respondents broke down as follows: 37.4 percent Democrats, 28.7 percent Independents, 17.8 percent Republican, 9.8 percent “other,” 4.7 percent Socialist and 1.4 percent Green.

As for how the news media are covering the mayor, the public appears to be greatly dissatisfied. About four in five respondents rated the news media as doing a “poor,” “very poor” or “extremely poor” job. Only 20.7 percent think the news media are doing an acceptable job or better.

Chart of the political affiliation of ABQ Free Press readers who rated Mayor Berry's performanceThe poll was conducted through the online service Surveymonkey.com through links on our site, our @FreeABQ Twitter feed and our ABQ Free Press Facebook page. The poll limited respondents to one vote per IP address.

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Dan Vukelich is a writer and former editor of ABQ Free Press.

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