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APD Union Chief Arrested

APD Union Chief Arrested

The child failed to tell her mother about a utility shutoff notice that came in the mail, according to a criminal complaint


The president of the Albuquerque police officers union, Stephanie Lopez, has been arrested on child abuse charges for slapping her 14-year-old daughter, pulling her hair and throwing her to the ground for failing to tell her mother about a utility shutoff notice that came in the mail, according to a criminal complaint filed against Lopez Thursday.

Lopez was arrested by members of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office.

Here’s an excerpt from the complaint and arrest warrant against Lopez:

“On December 9, 2015, Affiant was contacted by Sgt Amy Dudewicz in reference to a report of child abuse that had occurred the day before when Stephanie Lopez struck her 14-year-old juvenile daughter repeatedly in the head and facial area. The juvenile is know to the Affiant, but to protect her identity will be known from this point forward as AL. AL told school staff that she had been struck in the head by her mother and at that time was taken to the school resource office. The school resource officer called CYFD and Albuquerque Police Department to inform them of the current situation.

“Upon further investigation it was learned that there was a conflict of interest for APD to further conduct the investigation and it was at that time subsequently turned over to the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department. The CYFD investigator spoke with AL and learned of possible child abuse being committed against AL. At that time the investigator stopped her interview with AL. AL was then taken to a safe house to be forensically interviewed. During the interview AL disclosed that her mother became extremely upset at her after finding out a utility shutoff notice was posted on their front door and AL didn’t tell her about it.

“The child explained her mother hit her several times in the face causing significant bruising and pulled her hair before throwing her to the floor. Prior to being dropped off for school Stephanie told AL, ‘… You decided not to wear makeup today?’ Stephanie then told AL, ‘..think about what you say today at school; you won’t be with me; you won’t have your freedom. What happened to you was your fault.’”

“AL further stated that she was afraid to go home because she knows that she will be retaliated against. AL also requested that no person from her mom’s side of the family be made aware of the situation because they will lie for, and cover-up, anything that Stephanie does. AL stated that her younger brother, age 7, and her older sister were present at that time of the incident. The CYFD investigator made contact with the 7-year-old who has confirmed AL’s account of events.

“Stephanie was afforded an opportunity to be formally interviewed by detectives, but stated that she would have to speak with an attorney prior to making any decision about speaking with detectives about the case. There has been no contact with an attorney at this time.”



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