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Take our online poll

Take our online poll

Results will be published in the Jan. 13 issue of ABQ Free Press.

Vote in the poll now

GovernorStart the new year right and take our survey on how Gov. Susana Martinez is doing. on taxes, crime and public safety, civil rights, economic development, the environment, social justice and more. If you can’t make it to the Roundhouse, here’s your chance to let her know what’s on your mind before the Legislature convenes on Jan. 19

The survey takes less than five minutes.

Badda-bing, Badda-boom and you’re done!

Results will be published in the Jan. 13 issue of ABQ Free Press. And yes, there’s plenty of room to tell the governor what you think of the job she’s been doing.

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1 Comment

  • Mary McLane
    January 1, 2016, 11:59 pm

    Governor I voted for you but I totally thought you would bring some changes to NM. Jobs are much needed in this state not low wage jobs but good paying jobs. Education with the testing is a total failure. My 10 year old niece worries about taking this exam. That should not be happening!! Passing recreational Marijuana would give a great boost to our State. Much to your dismay it really is a good benefit! I am very concerned about crime in our State poverty levels and your new rules you put on the poor in our State for snap. License for people to be able to fly should not be issue! Just get it done!!! There are so many things going on in our State and it is the worse run in the nation! That is a disgrace! !! Never have I been so disappointed in our leadership as I am now. You need to do what’s right for NM not your personal agenda!! This is a disgrace and your our Governor!! It falls on your shoulders to make changes in our community!!! I have a higher education and can’t get a job in this State. That is disgraceful and that falls on you!! Nothing should be more important than getting our State out of this situation. Legislative session should be about getting together to get things done not for their personal agenda!! Your all a disgrace!!! Just start passing laws that will make NM a great State!! Do something worth while to change education in our State! Change laws to benefit NM. Locking up people for 6 DUIs isn’t working. They need treatment centers get mental health facilities in our State to help people. People who are lost don’t need more prison we need more treatment centers for drug abuse and alcohol. We need positive changes to NM!!! Enough of the negative crap. Start doing things actually make positive changes to our State. Get out of the way and actually LISTEN to the people of NM. Thank you!!!

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