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Black Resonance

Black Resonance

Black Spirituals brings rarefied sound to Sister (407 Central NW) on Monday, Feb. 29.

Black Resonance


Born in a leap year on Feb. 28, I narrowly avoided the fate of celebrating my birthday every four years. Perhaps one special birthday could have meant as much as four average birthdays. It’s tempting to speculate, but first I must tell you about a concert that’s at least four times as special as your average rock show. It happens on Leap Day.

Oakland, Calif. duo Black Spirituals brings rarefied sound to Sister (407 Central NW) on Monday, Feb. 29. Nuevomexicano composer William Fowler Collins — whose catalog is heavy, nuanced and eldritch — and Burque’s largest and most avant-garde band, Death Convention Singers, add a surfeit of intrigue to the evening stage. 

In August 2014, I caught Black Spirituals’ first Albuquerque show at former Downtown DIY space Spirit Abuse. Members Zachary James Watkins (electronics/strings) and Marshall Trammell (skins) offered up an aural ritual powered by resonance, harmonics and meaning.

Black Spirituals’ noisy meditations are motivated as much by social concerns as postmodern aesthetics. Of late, the group has explored the ghostly geometry of houses of worship, including historical vestiges of the Underground Railroad. Arrive by 8 p.m. to bear witness to an evening of uncommon sonic art, especially Trammell’s jazz grip and Watkins’ complex, powerful reconstruction. Presale tickets are $10 via holdmyticket.com.

Black Spirituals

Monday, Feb. 29, 8 p.m.

Sister, 407 Central NW, sisterthebar.comblackspirituals.com

[Editor’s note: An earlier, print version of this article included info on this concert’s former headliner, post-metal/sludge band SUMAC. The postponement of SUMAC’s American tour dates is owed to visa and family issues.]

Samantha Anne Carrillo is a situationist, fourth-wave feminist and associate editor at ABQ Free Press.

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