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Mystery Photo: Solved!

Mystery Photo: Solved!

Gertrude Zachary Gargoyles are visible at Second near Lead

Winner: Gordy Andersen of Albuquerque

He was the first to respond to the photo in our May 4-May 17 issue:

Here’s what Gordy told us:

“You are featuring a photo of two of the gargoyles adorning the Gertrude Zachary Castle on Second Street between Lead and Coal.

“Gertrude was a German immigrant who lived and went to college in Michigan. After moving to Albuquerque, she decided that she could “improve” on traditional Native American jewelry. With no background in design or jewelry, she “invented” “Contemporary Native Jewelry,” incorporating gaudy gemstones and design elements that have about as much to do with Southwestern style as gargoyles do. In the longstanding tradition of 20th and 21st century Anglos who move to the West for a New Age/Southwestern Experience, she would arrange gemstones on a table and wait for them to talk to her and create the design.

“One of her visions included building a quasi-Victorian castle in the heart of one of Albuquerque’s numerous skid rows. From all indications, she was a strong, independent woman who lived alone and grew her own business that must have afforded her some success as indicated by her ability to open two stores to peddle her semiplagiaristic wares and of course create the arguably kitschy, arguably eyesore showroom/home that features an eclectic mish-mash of Gothic, Victorian, stained glass windows and of course, gargoyles. Gertrude died in 2013.”

Gordy won tickets to the next Duke City Gladiators arena football game at Tingley Coliseum.

ABQ Free Press runs the “Mystery Photo” in every printed edition. The “thing” in the photo is something publicly visible around town. Whoever tells us what it is with as much detail and context as they can wins something we have on hand, like sports tickets or certificates for pizza or dinner.  (For example, if Gordy had been first with only “those things on the building near Second and Lead,” he probably would have lost out).

Look for the latest Mystery Photo at an ABQ Free Press newsstand near you.

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