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Where Do You Stand on ART?

Where Do You Stand on ART?

Were you included in the discussion about ART? Has City Hall heard your opinion? What do you think about business owners' fears about ART? Now's the time to be heard.

Vote Here!

Sound off. Tell ABQ what you think about the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project.

We want to hear what you think. This poll will remain open until 5 p.m. Sept. 2. If you feel strongly one way or another about the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project cut and paste the link below into your social media posts.

Let’s get the word out. We’ll publish the results of the poll and as many of your comments in the Sept. 7 issue of ABQ Free Press.

Whether you support ART or hate it, this is the newspaper that cares what you think.






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  • Graham Elliott
    August 25, 2016, 2:33 pm

    I am 100% against A.R.T.
    Central is clogged up as it is. You want to make it one lane? Have you seen central traffic down to one lane? Are these people nuts? You could just rip the median out and build a nice bike lane, with places to lock up your bike and when you want to pull over and get a coffee instead. If you want to waste 150 million dollars make it 3 lanes from ABQ to Santa Fe.

  • Michael Lawler
    August 26, 2016, 6:17 pm

    Where is the sense in requiring ART riders to cross traffic to get to buses in the worst city in the U.S. for pedestrian deaths? Why Central Avenue and not Lomas Blvd? Lomas has six lanes, the outside two of which would allow riders to safely board from sidewalks. Lomas serves UNMH and the three courthouses, plus numerous businesses, and no major roadwork is needed to ready the route. By the way, who will ride the ART buses, especially with the bad behavior on the buses, such as people putting their feet on the seats, and at the stops, where cigarette smokers pollute the air non-smokers must breathe, despite the City ordinance prohibiting such conduct. City Councilors should have used the bus system for a month before voting on it. Likewise Terri Cole. Will she be a regular rider? I recommend that owners whose businesses suffer losses sue the City.

  • Gary
    August 29, 2016, 4:06 pm

    I grew up in the Nob Hill area, and my mother still lives very close to the area. As a result I like to shop and dine there.

    However, this ART project will motivate me to shop in other areas or shop the internet, and will motivate me to find restaurants in other parts of town. No way am I going to take the time to park in some parking lot located far away from my destination, wait for a bus, ride the bus, walk to the final destination to do my business, then follow the reverse the process when I’m done. All while hoping I don’t return to a car that has been broken in to.

    I have better things to do with my time.

    This is a horrible idea.

    I’m a supporter of bus systems, but leave it to Albuquerque to take something that has been tested and true like bus systems, only to screw it up with something like this ART project.

  • HJ
    August 30, 2016, 10:22 pm

    I recently moved to ABQ from out of state. I’m a millennial and have been living car-free for years now, and plan to continue doing so, so I’m excited about ART. Part of the reason I don’t own a car is I have significant student loan debt, so I simply can’t afford a car. Paying off my student debt a is a much higher priority for me than investing in a vehicle. But there are other reasons I’m not a fan of car culture too. For example, you can probably fit 20 bicycle in the amount of space you can fit 1 car… so less valuable land is wasted by creating parking lots. I’m 100% for getting America off of it’s utter dependence on cars. Rapid transit and encouraging more walking/biking is the way to go.

  • Juliet
    August 31, 2016, 7:26 am

    ART is a huge waste of money and will destroy maybe the best area of Albuquerque by removing the mature trees that make the neighborhood beautiful, making all of the surrounding streets more congested and making it difficult to get out of the neighborhood, and bringing more crime to he area. I’m sure ART would have never happened had Berry and his supporters lives in this neighborhood. Our city has so many problems and this is a waste of money. Central is not designed to be shit down to 1 lanes. If this project has to happen, they should have put it on Lomas – which is much wider and able to accommodate.

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