The Case Against Trump

The Case Against Trump

Trump is unfit to enter most locker rooms, much less the White House

Could He Even Last Four Years?



Donald Trump’s self-delusion is apparently contagious. Fully 35 percent of the American voting public believes what he says, and no amount of buffoonery, misogyny, xenophobia, racism or religious bigotry on his part is going to change their minds.

Which leads me to conclude that 35 percent of the American voting public are misogynistic, xenophobic racists and religiously bigoted buffoons.

OK, maybe not all – but Trump’s supporters include otherwise-reasonable people willing to overlook his wacky, dangerous and outrageous misstatements of fact simply because they’re angry.

The people of Germany were angry in the 1930s after being humiliated in World War I, and they went looking for scapegoats. Imagine what the American version of Nazi Germany would look like under a modern-day Führer armed with nuclear weapons.

Yes, Americans are angry. Yes, they lost jobs through globalization. And yes, just as the shift to a new economy should have been hitting second gear, Wall Street greedsters crashed the economy and stole many people’s jobs and houses.

No amount of logic is going to sway these people. Nothing gives them pause about the insanity of what Trump is espousing – suspending civil rights for certain people being one idea that comes to mind. That the New Mexico Republican Party refuses to walk away from Trump speaks volumes about this mindset.

I get the part about wanting to throw a wrench into a gridlocked political system that has left the ‘Average Joe’ behind. But if Der Führer gets elected, what these people will get is a President who will rail ineffectually against a political system he doesn’t understand, who tries to end-run a Constitution for which he has no respect, and who will micro-manage domestic and foreign policies to disastrous global effect.

If Trump is elected, then four years from now – if he isn’t impeached first – America and the world will be far worse off than we are today.


Dan Vukelich is the editor of ABQ Free Press Weekly. Reach him at

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