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‘Young Together’ a Class-Act Debut

‘Young Together’ a Class-Act Debut

Lilah Rose has a stunning voice and musical chops


Electro-pop-alt-rock singer-songwriter Lilah Rose’s debut album “Young Together” is an interesting affair. The album moves among a few different genres, and does so smoothly.

There are alt-country guitar-heavy songs; synth-heavy affairs with drones and catchy melodies; and slow, somber tracks with very little beyond voice, piano and drums.

Comparisons might be unfair – Lilah definitely has her own thing going on – but I heard pieces of PJ Harvey, Lissie, Stevie Nicks and Daughter in the vocals and melodies. The guitar and horns that show up sporadically remind me of one of my favorite bands, The Lonely Wild.

The pace of the album is fairly relaxed, and a lot of the songs feel like reflections on loss: Missed opportunities, pleas to an unrequited love and regret you can’t quite let go of. That said, the album doesn’t wallow in misery: It’s got a bittersweet feel, and I was left feeling like the melancholy that the songs ring with at times is pretty far in the past. There’s a feeling that things are looking up.

Lilah Rose’s voice ought to be counted as another instrument alongside guitar, trumpet, drums and piano. Her wordless signing, humming, oohs and aahs fall on top of each other, creating haunting and inspiring layers.

The end of “Pockets” is a fantastic example of this: It becomes sweeping and emotional, and fills you with a feeling of lightness. “Owls” also benefits, and Lilah is so on point in this department that it almost feels like actual words would be wasted. As a bonus, you’ll find yourself singing along easily.

“Grave” is a little sadder than the rest of the album; the guitar is subdued and the vocals are mournful. The next song, “Feel It,” starts off with brassy synths and snaps you out of the melancholy. It’s got a silky, sexy sound – I can see the main characters in some indie film romance-drama awkwardly making out to it on the hood of a car by a lake.

Start to finish, “Young Together” is a damn good album. Lilah Rose has a gift for slipping in and out of different sounds and feels without making it awkward or jarring. Her vocals are polished and enchanting, especially when she’s harmonizing with herself, and the instrumentals are polished and catchy.

Lilah Rose will host a CD release party at Marble Brewery downtown on Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

To listen to Lilah Rose, click here.

Bradley T. Schuman is a pop culture geek and music nerd with far too many records and opinions.



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