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Seasoned Musicians Make New Indie Band

Seasoned Musicians Make New Indie Band

The Talking Hours makes mark on local indie scene

By Melissa Wood

Karie Morgan

Karie Morgan

The bar has long since turned up the lights. The long walk begins – but not without a quick detour for tacos, of course. The sun is on deck, cigarette packs are running low and voices are becoming raspy.

Finding the early morning hours, the talking hours when dialogue flows easy, seems like the destination, without a route, sought at the end of a long night. Those meaty, soul-bearing conversations that fuel the next day; the arguments that feed the muse.

These nights frequently begin at a good bar, with good bands whose music reach in and grab parts of you that don’t come out during the mundane flow of a regular day.

Local indie rocker duo The Talking Hours is the perfect band to embark on one of those long nights with.

Made up of Karie Morgan on drums and Mauricio Paez on guitar, with both on vocals, the two split off from recently-disbanded local punk legends Beard.

Paez, a well-established manager at a local music shop, said he lives and breathes the Albuquerque music scene.

Mauricio Paez

Mauricio Paez

Morgan maintains her sweet side managing a local doughnut shop, but she never takes a break from being a rock star. She’s been a part of an impressive list of bands including Scarless, Music is the Enemy and Distances.

The two met briefly nine years ago, but were playing for different bands. It wasn’t until four years later that they became musically intertwined, forming Beard and other projects along the way.

The duo said they plan to put all of their focus into The Talking Hours for some time to come.

“I just want to be in one project,” Morgan said. “That’s where I’m at.”

Originally intended as an acoustic project, Paez said they were delighted to hear their sound described as “The White Stripes meets Nine Inch Nails.”

They focus their lyrical content on “examination(s) of shit that pisses me off, and love,” Paez said.

Their song “System Savior” is an angry “fuck-you” to Kim Davis, the woman who made international headlines by refusing to issue marriage licenses in Kentucky; and “Funeral” is about a rough patch in the relationship between Paez and Morgan.

The Talking Hours will join Duke City Riots, High Street Ritual and Phoenix-based Snailmate for a Halloween-themed show on Saturday, Oct. 29 at Burt’s Tiki Lounge (515 Central Ave. NW).

To listen to The Talking Hours, visit thetalkinghours.com.

Melissa Wood is a freelance music writer.

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