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‘Why I Quit the Journal’

‘Why I Quit the Journal’

'Printing multiple pictures of Susie Martinez reading to a second-grade classroom is not going to convince the people of New Mexico that she is a successful governor' - former Journal reader

Reader Lays into ABQ Morning Paper’s Right-wing Views

To the Editor:
After the election, my wife and I could no longer justify having a subscription to the Albuquerque Journal. So, we cancelled it. Below is my letter to their management saying why. I am submitting it to ABQ Free Press Weekly as a letter to the editor. I think a lot of other people feel the same way we do.

   “I QUIT! You win! We can’t take it anymore so we canceled our subscription this morning.

   “My wife and I have decided we can no longer read the Albuquerque Journal during breakfast and fight our way through the constant barrage of ‘right-wing’ propaganda.

   “Before moving to Albuquerque, we lived in some very conservative states such as Tennessee, Arizona and Idaho. Nowhere did we experience the total bias in reporting constantly exhibited in your paper.

   “It is not just the opinion page, which is totally dominated by the right, but in local reporting right down to the business page. The patronizing tone is insulting. Give your readers some credit!

   “You claim to take no position on the race for the presidency and then totally bombard the reader with anti-Clinton rhetoric. Secretary Clinton has been scrutinized exhaustively and has been cleared by multiple congressional committees and the FBI. Trump is a sexual predator. You honestly see no difference? This is a perfect example of false equivalency.

   “Printing multiple pictures of Susie Martinez reading to a second-grade classroom is not going to convince the people of New Mexico that she is a successful governor. However, it is unlikely that you will ever learn that fact. If she would work as hard to improve New Mexico’s economy as she does getting Republican governors elected, perhaps we wouldn’t be at the bottom of every ‘good’ list and the top of every ‘bad.’

   “In the digital age where news from multiple sources is available on the internet and our digital devices, why go out of your way to alienate your readers? After all, New Mexico is – for the most part – a ‘blue’ state.

   “So, for us it is ‘adios’ to your biased paper.”

  • Carl Weik

 Editor’s Note: ABQ Free Press welcomes readers’ comments on the quality of the news media in New Mexico, including the work by this newspaper, the TV stations, radio stations and other news outlets.


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  • Bob Rodgers
    December 2, 2016, 8:26 pm

    The Journal’s editorial cartoons attacking President Obama are so disgusting that they border on racism.
    Fits in with the Trump alt-right message.

  • Maggie Shepard
    December 13, 2016, 5:18 pm

    Hi all. As a reporter at the Journal, I’d like to remind my community that journalism is more than the product it produces. It’s a service. Quitting the Journal means we have less support for the service of overseeing your (and our) government on your behalf. That service, I would argue, is more important than the product. Quitting over the product is a short-sited decision in the face of an important process.

    • Abe@Maggie Shepard
      August 22, 2017, 1:05 pm

      The journal has done a very poor job of "overseeing" the Martinez pathetic government and Berry’s abysmal performance as mayor. You like to post doom and gloom every issue without even mention either Berry or Susana who have drive this state into a ditch. But you guys were all over Richardson when he was bringing in jobs and expanding NM’s economy.

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Dennis Domrzalski is managing editor of ABQ Free Press. Reach him at dennis@freeabq.com.

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