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Meet Our Cover Artist (and Contest Winner): Robert Martin

Meet Our Cover Artist (and Contest Winner): Robert Martin

Robert Martin Was The Winner of The 10th Annual ABQ Free Press Weekly Photo Contest

By Erika Eddy

A portrait of Robert Martin   One of Robert Martin’s first cameras was a plastic Donald Duck camera that leaked light and had to be sealed with electrical tape.

When his father realized the 8-year-old was serious about photography, he passed his son his old Kodak Flash 620 camera.

Decades later, Martin’s love of photography continued and on a trip to Prague, Italy, he snapped the winning photo for the ABQ Free Press Weekly’s 10th Annual Photo Contest.

Martin said he captured the photo, titled “Bubble Meister and Munchkins,” the same way he has captured many in the past: by waiting for the moment.

“There’s a lot of dynamism in this picture,” he said. “I saw this evolving and just waited.”

He didn’t always have the time to look for these moments during his career in business and employment law. As he drew closer to retirement though, he was able to travel and focus more on photography. He said he spent too much of his life as a lawyer, slicing and dicing his time into tenths of an hour. Now, he finds joy in gifting his artistic work.

“People just feel so much better when I give them a picture, they just light up,” he said. “When you’re in the grind of a profession, you can enjoy certain aspects of it, but it’s good to have art in your life because, frankly, art is fun!”

He said he has continued his passion, filling his Flickr page with quiet, majestic landscapes; tightly-framed animals and insects, seemingly posed for their close-up; and the materialization of the wonder expressed by children learning and playing in the same moment.

He sought mentorship with Albuquerque’s Enchanted Lens Camera Club about 10 years ago, to master the then-new technique of going digital. Now a mentor at the club, he follows his mantra to encourage, provide opportunities and pass the torch to budding photographers.

“It’s good to be in the artistic context we have here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe,” he said. “You get a lot of people together and you start sparking ideas and it helps to stretch your mind and your creative spirit.”

Erika Eddy is a freelance reporter.

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