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‘My Three Angels’ a Perfect Holiday Twist

‘My Three Angels’ a Perfect Holiday Twist

Adobe Theater's Play a Wonderful Alternative to Common Christmas Tale

Play Mixes Holiday Cheer and Old-World Shenanigans

The Adobe Theater is a small, intimate playhouse that has done something different this year. Instead of “White Christmas,” “A Christmas Story” or even “A Christmas Carol,” they have gone with something a bit special.

“My Three Angels” is based on a French play called “La Cuisine Des Anges,” and it’s got a touch of classic golden-age Hollywood-esque humor to it.

The Ducotel family are colonists who live in French Guiana, settled with a messy business debt and three convicts repairing their rooftop. What the Ducotels don’t know is how the convicts will change their entire Christmas for the better (or worse!).

Alfred (Tim Riley) a murderer, Jules (Brian Jackson), also a murderer and Joseph (Shangreaux Lagrave), a conman, cause mishaps involving a snake, young love and accounting fraud.

The convicts really shine in their roles, and the quick-witted humor really works with these three.

What really helps the show though, is the small staging. Being close to the stage allows the audience to see the great expressions of all of the actors which really enhances the performance.

The contrast between the talks of murder and crime and the Christmas Eve setting and lighthearted humor allows the show to be funny, without feeling forced.

The holidays are about giving second chances and loving one another and the story is all about that. Amidst the chaotic antics of the convicts and the family matters is the message of trusting others and not judging based on preconceived notions.

When you’re selecting a show this holiday season, don’t discount The Adobe’s production – a unique show in a season of annual repeats and one worth seeing. “My Three Angels” runs through Dec. 18.

For more information, or to buy tickets, click here.

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Ashley Kurtz is a freelance theater critic.

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