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ABQ Free Press Readers: Woe Has Befallen Us

ABQ Free Press Readers: Woe Has Befallen Us

Here's the best (worst?) of the comments we received in our reader poll about President-elect Donald Trump

What They’re Saying about Trump

ABQ Free Press Weekly readers definitely see a glass half, if not downright empty when it comes to the impending inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

In an online poll conducted by the newspaper between Nov. 22 and Dec. 2, our readers overwhelmingly predicted Trump will perform poorly as president.

Some predicted he won’t finish his term, either because of impeachment or criminal activity.

Because of a low response rate due to our failure to get word of our survey out through social media, we’re not publishing the poll results.

Instead, we’re offering the responses simply as anecdotes illustrating the malaise felt by our readers who responded, who were overwhelmingly Anglo Democrats or Independents who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Most respondents said it is unlikely Trump will fulfill his campaign promises.

Most said the most important issues facing Trump are climate change, civil rights and social justice.

The least important issues to ABQ Free Press Weekly readers are the war on terrorism, immigration and border security, and reducing the federal debt – the very themes that helped Trump win the presidency.


What do you think Donald Trump’s biggest strength is?

“He does not have one for this position. Think Peter Principle.”

   “Protecting his business interests” (or some variation of that answer).

   “He can read.”


   “His only strength (if you can call it that) is that he is an egomaniac who consistently confuses truth and fallacy.”

   “Liar – he makes his base feel good by ignoring facts and embracing lies.”

   “Protecting real estate and gambling industry.”

To be fair, a handful of our readers think his business acumen and strong sense of self will serve him well, as evidenced by a reader who said Trump’s strength was “foreign affairs with countries that dislike America due to [his] strong business relationships with them.

Oddly, when asked to name Trump’s biggest weaknesses, readers cited the very same characteristics they saw as strengths, with a few more zingers thrown in, such as “promoting and condoning racism and segregation” and being a “sexual predator.”

One reader wrote that Trump’s biggest weakness was “poor relations with the ‘Lamestream’ media.”


What will be the result of the Donald Trump presidency?

“Increased wealth inequality and hate crimes” – Zack

“Chaos” – Felipe

“War and a worldwide hatred of the USA” – Jeff

“He will be impeached or the VP will invoke the 25th Amendment” – Matt

Civil rights being curbed, loss of benefits and opportunity for the working class and poor” – Brad

“Civil war” – Carol

“The cabinet he has appointed demonstrates that privatization of public services and opening up possibilities for the enrichment of the billionaires he has appointed is really the entire point of his administration” – Ken

I think it is within the realm of possibility that Trump may be our final president” – Mikki

I think his presidency will be a complete and total failure” – Ken

World war” – Nicole

Deeper divide in our country with the alt right – and all they believe – becoming the norm” – Marilyn

Higher revenue for wealthy, greater poverty” – Carla

China will become the most powerful nation in the world” – Martin

Civil war, perhaps nuclear war”– Liz

Half of the people in this country, legal and illegal, behind barbed wire” – Barbara

Unhappiness” – Robert

A greater America” – Bob

A country divided” – Vikki

He’ll resign or be assassinated within two years” – Jannette

Four years from now, the world will be in chaos and Donald Trump will be in jail” – Danny

I can see resignation or impeachment” – Norman

The result would be that the people no longer trust their government and will organize revolutionary movements and protests. He might resign” – Marty


If you want to tell the Editor anything else (any topic), here’s your chance to sound off.

“Somehow, in some manner, you need to raise your visibility. The Journal is an embarrassment to journalism. But they have the visibility, so they count more than you do at the moment.”

“How come the mayor doesn’t like you?”

“You fill the void the Albuquerque Journal has intentionally created to promote and protect it’s partisan interests.”

“Please keep the coverage balanced, even if you hate Trump. We need objectivity now more than ever. I trust your publication.”

“Thanks for giving us a voice!”

“I love intellectual diversity, NOT rants.”

“Please start covering Medical Cannabis and the Marijuana laws, as there is more and more research showing the benefits.”

“Lived all over and I like ABQ Free Press more than the other alternative papers I’ve had access to.”

“I think that the quality of the design and illustration have improved recently. I find the articles to be informative and concise. I really enjoy reading your paper. Keep it up.”





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