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New NPR Show Airs in ABQ

New NPR Show Airs in ABQ

'1A” originates from WAMU, an NPR station at the American University in Washington, D.C.

Two-hour Show Airs on KANW’s HD-2 Channel, 107.5

Public Affairs Show Focused on the Fist Amendment Replaces ‘Diane Rehm Show’



For policy wonks, specifically those concerned with free speech and the role of the news media in America, there’s a welcome addition to Albuquerque’s public radio airwaves.

“1A,” short for NPR host Joshua Johnson’s core topic, the First Amendment, took to the air after New Year’s upon the retirement from daily radio journalism of long-time public affairs host Diane Rehm.

First, the gripe. “1A” airs on KANW-89.1 FM’s second Albuquerque frequency, 107.5 FM, which has so little power you can lose the signal by standing in front of your radio. If you’re in your car, you might have to drive several blocks before the scan function of your radio will settle in on 107.5.

But, true to its mission, KANW’s so-called HD 2 channel delivers full-time public-affairs programming, including “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” (which also airs on the KANW mothership), “Here and Now,” “On Point,” “Marketplace,” and “The Takeaway” – all quality talk shows that dissect the news in breaks for news updates by NPR News.

“1A” originates from WAMU, an NPR station at the American University in Washington, D.C. The news and public affairs schedule spans all 24 hours in the day, which means if you’re a fan of New Mexico music, you’ll need to tune to 89.1 FM at noon.

“1A” host Johnson spent more than five years as the morning news host for member station KQED in San Francisco and teaches podcasting at the University of California at Berkeley journalism school, according to the NPR website.

And it shows. Early topics have included fake news, Russia’s influence in the presidential election, diversity in the news media and Americans’ disturbing penchant for seeking out news and opinions one agrees with.

Which explains this fact, which I learned on “1A”: The Pew Research Center found that the political divide in the United States today is worse than at any time since the Civil War.

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  • Chuck Kellison
    April 17, 2017, 8:19 am

    Abraham Lincoln killed a lot of Americans and got a lot of American killed in the Civil War. The Ottoman Empire did nothing. We should let that region take care of itself.

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