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‘Blithe Spirit’ Romps through Séance Gone Wrong

‘Blithe Spirit’ Romps through Séance Gone Wrong

The Adobe Theatre's Newest Play a Must-see

Cast Has Excellent Tension, Chemistry

The Adobe Theater once again delivers a quirky play, and this time it’s Nöel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit.”

In 1940s England, a group of friends gather for a séance, drinks and a good night together. Unfortunately, things don’t go quite according to plan.

Charles Condomine (Stephen Zamora) and his wife Ruth (Carolyn Hogan) host a séance to gain experience for a book Charles is writing. They ask the magnificently ridiculous medium Madame Arcati (Jen Stephenson) to summon a spirit, but she accidentally summons Charles’ first wife, Elvira (Lorri Oliver).

Jen Stephenson is sarcastic as can be, delivering wit and sass with perfect comedic timing – a sharp contrast to the couple’s later bickering.

The outstanding performances are notably between Oliver’s Elvira and Zamora’s Condomine – the sexual tension, confusion and snarky banter are hysterical to watch.

To watch as Charles’ world slowly unravels at the hands of his dead wife is pure amusement, but it’s even funnier to watch the aftermath of the séance and the desperate attempts to send Elvira back to the afterlife.


“Blithe Spirit” chaos ensues through Jan. 29 at The Adobe Theater, 9813 4th St. NW, Albuquerque.

For tickets or more information, click here.

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Ashley Kurtz is a freelance theater critic.

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Sara MacNeil is an editorial intern at ABQ Free Press Weekly.

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