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Who Makes What at CABQ?

Who Makes What at CABQ?

Mayor Richard Berry made $103,854, which put him in 142nd place on the list of the city’s top 250 earners.

Rob Perry Tops the Money List at City Hall with $189,956 Per Year

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Here’s a list of the top earners at Albuquerque’s City Hall, along with their titles and salary amounts. In 2016, Mayor Richard Berry made $103,854, which put him in 142nd place on the list of the city’s top 250 earners.

Perry, Robert, Chief Administrative Officer, $189,936.00

Eden Jr, Gorden, Chief of Police, $166,699.20

Soto, Frank, Fire Para Commander, $156,966.82

Riordan, Michael, Chief Operations Officer, $152,319.95

Hernandez, Jessica, City Attorney, $150,217.66

Garza, Ramiro, Police Officer 1/c, $146,971.66

Johnson, Brian, Police Officer 1/c, $145,180.57

Rosenbaum, Nils, Police Dir of Behavioral Sciences, $141,264.00

Esposito, Scott, Deputy Fire Chief, $141,179.45

Frazier, Jared, Police Officer 1/c, $140,243.70

Downey, David, Fire Chief, $138,993.10

Drobik, Simon, Police Officer 1/c, $137,817.79

Garcia, Eric, Deputy Chief, $133,872.77

Huntsman, Robert, Assistant Police Chief, $132,435.80

Zaman, Jon, City Council Services Director, $131,896.00

Roseman, William, Ret PD Deputy Chief, $130,235.60

Smith, Gregory, Deputy Director-Municipal Dev, $126,623.03

Ambs, Peter, Dir of Dept of Tech & Inn/CIO, $126,502.40

Silveria, Michael, Deputy Fire Chief, $125,603.41

English, Michelle, Police Officer 1/c, $125,061.44

McDonald, Joshua, Police Deputy Chief, $124,374.41

Montaño, Gilbert, Chief Administrative Officer, $124,345.61

Brown, Jason, Police Officer 1/c, $124,341.70

Maes, Kelly, Police Officer 1/c, $124,163.54

McKinstry, Kerry, Fire Para Captain, $123,538.40

Santistevan, Gilbert, Assistant Fire Chief, $123,104.22

Nevarez, Danny, Environmental Health Deputy Director, $122,072.40

McElroy, Matthew, Police Sergeant, $121,884.16

Schmidt, Matthew, Police Sergeant, $121,817.90

Kenny, Sean, Police Sergeant, $121,746.88

Solis, Brenda, Police Officer 1/c, $121,677.55

Green, Curtis, Assistant Fire Chief, $121,516.26

Correia, Donald, Police Officer, 1/c, $120,763.34

Hernandez, Michael, Police Officer 1/c , $120,270.65

DiMenna, Mark, Environmental Health Deputy Director, $119,862.40

Daniel, Christopher, Chief Investment Officer, $119,862.40

Hollier, Jeremy, Police Officer 1/c, $119,127.98

Griffin, Stephanie, Asst City Attorney, $118,751.20

Pearson, Nicholas, Police Officer 1/c, $118,682.70

Patterson, Christopher, Police Sergeant, $118,604.17

Martinez, Vicente, PE0 Police Officer 1/c, $118,568.31

Mee, Christian, Fire Para Driver, $118,380.10

Osterloh, Brian, Assoc Chief Info Officer, $118,292.82

Chapman, Paul, Assoc Chief Info Officer, $118,292.80

Mowery, David, Fire Commander, $118,292.78

Collins, James, Police Deputy Chief, $117,919.18

Gonterman, Timothy, Deputy Police Chief, $117,891.60

Jones, Chad E, Fire Lieutenant, $117,600.64

Garcia, Mizel, Police Lieutenant, $117,214.41

Isselhard, Karl, Assistant Fire Chief, $117,100.88

Padilla,Victor, Assistant Fire Chief, $116,500.81

Bell Garcia, Jennifer, Police Lieutenant, $116,371.94

McCarson, Timothy, Police Officer 1/c, $116,056.73

Slauson, William, Police Exec Director, $115,935.82

Burley, John, Police Officer 1/c, $115,758.48

Haugh, Paul, Police Officer 1/c, $115,615.91

Soladay, John, Solid Waste Director, $115,227.22

Frazier, Sean, Fire Commander, $115,211.52

Gonzalez, Arturo, APD Deputy Chief, $115,115.00

Rahimi, Alexander, Police Officer 1/c, $114,735.36

Sanchez, Frank Fire Commander, $114,672.58

Chavez, Matthew, Police Officer 1/c, $114,635.65

Fanelli, Pamela, City Controller, $114,156.80

Lozoya, Melissa, Mun Dev Acting Director, $114,156.80

Taylor, Barbara, Parks and Rec Director, $114,136.21

Curtis, Kyle, Police PF0 Sergeant, $113,797.25

Napoleone, Kevin, Police Aviation Sergeant, $113,583.33

Romero, Gerald, City Budget Officer, $113,157.78

Christman, Joseph, Police Deputy Chief, $113,089.24

Gallucci, Pasquale, Fire Commander, $112,638.02

Wallace, Sean, Police Sergeant, $112,611.84

Leonard, Mary, Environmental Health Dir, $112,230.80

Quijano, Vincent, IT Project Manager, $111,891.20

White, Bret, Police Lieutenant, $111,861.75

Gallegos, Gene, Fire Commander, $111,745.39

Nieto, Edward, Fire Lieutenant, $111,713.99

Lehocky, Andrew, Police Officer 1/c, $111,700.28

Hartley, Robert, Fire Commander, $111,517.92

Source: City of Albuquerque


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  • Anonymous
    January 18, 2017, 11:53 pm

    Being PIO Celina Espinoza didn’t make the list other than asking her about the weather would be above her pay grade.

  • Mark
    January 19, 2017, 7:22 am

    What is a police officer 1C?

  • WallFly
    February 17, 2017, 4:23 pm

    Wow! Those top cops make out like UNM coaches.

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