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NM Film Focus: From Bleak to Bold is Just a Hashtag Away

NM Film Focus: From Bleak to Bold is Just a Hashtag Away

State ranks as one of the best places for filming and film crews

N.M. Makes ‘Best’ List for Film

As if patterned after two of the most popular movie genres in history, New Mexico may, at times, feel that it is living through a post-apocalyptic, bordering on sci-fi, plot twist for the ages. Our legendary slice of Route 66 is torn up beyond recognition and our great state still lands on countless lists of dubious distinction and shame – from worst-run state in the country to worst place to raise a family.

Want an upside?

Albuquerque has once again made it onto the top 10 list of best places to live and work as a filmmaker in 2017.

Industry standard publication MovieMaker magazine has consistently ranked both Santa Fe and Albuquerque among tops in the nation to make movies during the past decade. In 2009, the state reached as high as third-best place in all of North America for film and television production, as ranked by industry bible, Variety.

As an economic boon for New Mexico, the film industry stands alone in generating a new level of jobs and prosperity to communities around the state, despite our many plights.

Thanks to an ongoing influx of film and television productions, the current roster of film workers, talent and industry services is in need of being replenished.

When on the hunt for a job or on the road to furthering one’s education, it would be a wise move to take a serious look at which employment and training prospects lend themselves to working within the film industry.

When a film technician, support service or on-screen talent moves up in the ranks, the position they leave behind needs to be filled. In other words, when the A team moves up the B team is up to bat, and that, friends, lends to industry growth.

In addition to the expanding employment opportunities the entertainment industry produces, there are myriad community enrichment and personal growth possibilities that come along with pursuing a career in the film business.

Organizations like New Mexico Filmmakers Give Back, Shoot New Mexico, The New Mexico Film Foundation, New Mexico Women in Film and Silver Bullet Productions, to name a few, make real contributions to society through community service initiatives, grants and hands-on industry training.

The film industry and the many people who’ve toiled away to build and preserve it as an enduring legacy stand as beacons of hope to pull us above the issues that drag us down, taking on community outreach efforts and holding public events to spread the word on how to find your place in the state’s number one job creator.

But not everyone has gotten the message. One of the most effective ways to get involved and connect with New Mexico film businesses and events is through social media.

Whether you aim to join the industry or just learn more about it, the simple hyperlinks #NMFilm or #ShootNM, typed into the social media platform of your choice, will lead you to find people in the know and point you to the current goings-on of industry insiders so that you can quickly get involved and share information with others.

Film on and prosper, friends.

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New Mexico film expert Christa Valdez, of OneHeadlightInk.com and ChristaValdez.com, reports on movie industry news for ABQ Free Press.

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