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Traveling ‘Somewhere Between’ to Bare the Soul

Traveling ‘Somewhere Between’ to Bare the Soul

Cidny Bullens shares his life story in a special performance at Aux Dog Theatre

Cidny Bullens is a many-faceted man: a singer, songwriter and now, a storyteller.

Travelling across the country, he is baring his heart and soul to tell the story of his four-decade-long music career, his transition into the man he always was, and everything in-between.

While Bullens is transgender, his show “Somewhere Between,” isn’t about that. It’s about so much more – being a musician, a wife, mother; the death of his daughter and becoming himself.

Let’s just jump right in. A central theme in “Somewhere Between” is your journey as a transgendered person. What kind of effect are you hoping to have on other transgender people who see this show?

“Here’s the thing about my show, and it’s kind of a multifaceted question. It’s not a trans-story. It’s a life story. So two-thirds of the show is about my life as Cindy, the rock ’n’ roll part, getting married and having kids, and the death of my daughter, Jessie, and the aftermath, and then it comes to recent times and my transition.

Obviously, it’s a core of my show, the gender issue, my being transgendered is a central part of the show. I flashback to my childhood, to the beginning so you get an idea that it’s a theme throughout. But it’s not a trans show in the sense of that’s the whole story. It’s at the end of the arc of the story of my life from 1974 to the present, and at the end of that arc is my decision to finally transition into a man – who I always felt I was. What I hope that it portrays to all people is that being transgendered is a human condition. It’s not a stereotype of this or that, it is a human condition that exists.”

 This show includes quite a bit of music.

“I feel that my music saved my life. It has allowed me to express myself throughout my life, I am a storyteller in my songs; but they’re about my life for the most part. So it’s allowed me to express my innermost self in a way that maybe I couldn’t in words. And the feeling is obvious when I sing the songs that resonate the truth, and when I sing the songs that I’ve written that come from my heart, it makes me feel whole. It connects something in me and reaches a place where words alone can’t reach and goes straight to the soul. When I write a good song, and when I know I’ve got it – it’s almost like they’re not from me, but through me, and I’m kind of amazed that I’ve written something that says something. I never, ever take it for granted that I can write songs. I’m always excited and amazed when I write a song.”

Your show feels like a conversation with the audience.

“I would say that’s true, it’s a story and I’m telling it to you; but you’re not answering except in laughter and tears. You’ll be on an emotional rollercoaster. I have to have a good sense of humor, I’d be dead if I didn’t have a good sense of humor and I love to make people laugh. It’s a unique experience to do the show, and I do feel privileged to do it.”

Cidny Bullens will perform “Somewhere Between” Jan. 27- Feb. 5 at Aux Dog Theatre (3015 Monte Vista Dr. NE). For more infirmation, click here.

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