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‘And Then There Were None’ a Thrilling Mystery

‘And Then There Were None’ a Thrilling Mystery

Agatha Christie's Novel Becomes Novel Theater Experience

Agatha Christie is known for her suspenseful and thrilling murder mysteries; and now Albuquerque Little Theater (224 San Pasquale Ave SW) has turned one of her more infamous stories, “And Then There Were None,” into a play.

Set on Soldier Island off the coast of Devon, England in the 1940s, 10 individuals have been invited by a mysterious Mrs. Owen for a dinner party for a few days.

The more the guests interact, the more obvious it becomes that there’s an ulterior plot against them. As the show plays out, the audience must try to figure out who has the deadly plan and what exactly they can do to combat it.

Directed by Henry Avery, the play is very well done. The set, by Glenn Pepe, is gorgeous and works well to support the story.

All of the actors are strong, but the stand-out is Lawrence Wargrave, played by Mario Cabrera, and Dr. Armstrong played by Dehron Foster. Cabrera gives a very chilling, but well-rounded performance as the intellectual judge. Foster portrays the slow collapse of Dr. Armstrong’s peace of mind extremely well, and he is believably shaken to his core.

“And Then There Were None” left the audience “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” throughout the performance, and the suspense of the show is worth the price of the ticket.

Visit albuquerquelittletheater.org to buy tickets. “And Then There Were None” runs through Feb. 12.

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Ashley Kurtz is a freelance theater critic.

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