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Trump Watch 2-8-17

Trump Watch 2-8-17

An Irish betting website has put the odds of Donald Trump being impeached within the first six months of his term at 4-to-1.

The Latest Oddities Coming from the Trump White House

A Compilation of Developments Involving POTUS


Odds On

An Irish betting website has put the odds of Donald Trump being impeached within the first six months of his term at 4-to-1. But the oddsmakers don’t stop there. They’re giving 7-to-4 odds, or about a 63 percent chance, that Trump won’t finish his term. The website FastCompany.com reports that wagers are even being made on what year impeachment proceedings will begin in the House of Representatives. The odds are 7-to-1 this year, and they get less likely as time passes.

Beyond ridicule

South Park’s creators say they’ll no longer satirize Donald Trump because he’s no longer funny. The Atlantic magazine reports: “How do you mock someone who so readily mocks himself? How do you penetrate those layers of toughness and Teflon to reveal its underlying absurdities? How, as The Economist noted, do you take a tweet like this – “Sorry losers and haters, but my IQ is one of the highest and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure, it’s not your fault” – and make it even more ridiculous?”

Worldwide opprobrium

Does the trolling of Donald Trump know no limits? Now, Isabella Lovin, Sweden’s deputy prime minister as well as its climate minister, has published a photo on Facebook that shows her signing a new law surrounded by female colleagues. The image has drawn comparisons with Trump’s signing photo in which no women were present. Within hours, the post was shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook, BBC News reported. “Wonderful Picture! Hope you sent it to the man on the other side of the ocean,” writes one user. “Make the Planet Great Again!” writes another.

Protest pressure

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quit Donald Trump’s council of 15 business leaders. Nordstrom will stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Kawasaki has pulled its sponsorship of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” The Washington Post reported that’s some of the fallout coming from “Grab Your Wallet,” a campaign targeting companies that do business with the Trump Organization or sell Trump products.

Legal warfare

Who can go after Donald Trump? Besides the ACLU, environmental groups and Gloria Allred, who represents one of Trump’s groping victims, there’s Eric Schneiderman, New York’s attorney general. Schneiderman went after Trump University and won a $25 million settlement just before the election. He has fired warning shots over Trump’s immigration ban as well as over the White House’s plan to gut Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Now, according to Politico, Schneiderman faces an administration in Washington that is not just “pro-fraud,” as former Maine Attorney General James Tierney put it, but one helmed by someone very used to using the courts to get his way. “He is a complicated guy in some respects, but he is used to making his own rules, and he plays a very aggressive game,” Schneiderman said. “When he wants to get something done, he will use every tool at his disposal.”

Blunder Down Under

Donald Trump blew up during a routine congratulatory phone call when the Australian prime minister mentioned a deal that had been struck with the Obama administration to allow the resettlement of roughly 1,250 asylum seekers (mostly from Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq) to the United States. According to the Nation magazine, that’s when “Trump is reported to have lost it. Trump reportedly told Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull the asylum deal “was the worst deal ever” and would get him “killed” politically at a time when domestic sentiment was pushing him to secure American borders. What had been planned as a one-hour call was cut short after 25 minutes. Singer Bruce Springsteen, having read the papers, opened his Melbourne show by saying, “We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight.” Then the American rocker played the 1965 Orlons song “Don’t Hang Up,” The Nation reported.


Howard Stern claims that Donald Trump secretly wants Hillary Clinton to be president. Last week, the shock jock and former “America’s Got Talent”  judge argued that Trump ran in the election not because he wanted to be president but because he wanted “a couple more bucks out of NBC” in his contract for “The Apprentice,” Yahoo Celebrity reported. “That is why Donald is calling for voter fraud investigations,” Stern said. “He’s pissed he won.”


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