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Bay Area Band Comes to ABQ

Bay Area Band Comes to ABQ

TV Heads Talks Touring, 'Total Fucker'

Angelica Tavella and Sean Galloway are accustomed to long drives, even when they aren’t on tour.

After playing together in different groups for more than a decade, the two joined forces with the band TV Heads, and recorded their debut EP, “Total Fucker,” with famed producer Jeff Saltzman and OIM Records in Oakland, CA – a five-hour trip from their LA home.

“We would sometimes finish playing a show and get an idea and just drive through the night, sleep for a couple of hours, and then hop in the studio,” Galloway said.

Their passion and determination worked like fertilizer, and soon their band grew another member, bassist Vince Gutierrez.

“We were touring with each other and backing each other up a lot, and Sean, Vince and I basically had the same bands with different names,” Tavella said.

After recording their EP, the band sprouted another new member in the form of drummer Jessica Lankford.

Finally, fully formed, the foursome will hit the road for their first Southwest tour, stopping in Arizona, Nevada, Texas and, of course, New Mexico.

Galloway and Tavella share duties as songwriters, and the raw, personal lyrics reveal a relationship steeped in music and collaboration. The two first met as teachers at a band camp, and while they love writing and recording songs, touring is what really brings them back.

“In terms of childlike joy, it’s like being at summer camp doing your favorite thing with your best friends,” Galloway said.

Friendship obviously plays a big part in their creative lives, which can be seen even in their name. “TV Heads” is a song originally performed by a band called Tear It Down.

“About eight years ago, the singer of that band, our dear friend Alex, passed away,” Galloway said. “So we picked that name as a kind of homage.”

And “Total Fucker”?

“When we were playing in different bands, we would always say ‘oh, you fucker!’ when somebody was doing something great that we wanted to do. A kind of loving jealousy,” Tavella said.

Galloway added, “I wanted it to be the name of the band, but there was already a great post-punk band out of Chico named it. I still maintain it is a great name.”

When not making music, each member of the band has a day job that reflects their passion for music: Galloway writes scores for documentaries, Tavella works for music-making software company Ableton, Gutierrez is a music festival producer and Lankford is an assistant to a professional composer.

They said they are excited to see Albuquerque for the first time, and are itching to get back in the van again.

TV Heads will perform at Sister Bar (407 Central Ave. NW) on Thursday, Feb 23. Local talent Lindy Vision and Tear Pressure will open for them. For more information, click here.

Get more TV Heads on their website, Facebook or Soundcloud.

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