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ABQ Free Press Pulp News

ABQ Free Press Pulp News

'It has come in like one of the 10 plagues of the Bible' - Zimbabwean farmer...... High school students at basketball game in Connellsville, Pa., chant racial slurs, plus 'Build that wall!' ..... A French man claims a bug in the Uber smartphone app destroyed his marriage

News for Inquiring Minds


Wooly I

Harvard University scientists say they plan to resurrect a revised version of the wooly mammoth about two years from now using a gene-editing technique. The animal will be a cross between the mammoth and an Asian elephant. The U.K. newspaper the Guardian reported the hybrid will be more of an elephant exhibiting some mammoth traits, such as smaller ears, hairy body, and subcutaneous fat. The “mammophant,” as the researchers are calling it, will be adaptable to a cold climate. The scientists will use DNA from the remains of a frozen wooly mammoth.

Wooly II

A Texas couple lets their 2,100-pound pet buffalo have free rein in their house, where he watches TV and lets them know when it’s time to go outside. “Wild Thing” was best Man with pet buffalo, UK Daily Mail photoman at Ronald and Sherron Bridges’ wedding at their ranch 50 miles east of Dallas. “When he was tame we decided that he really deserved a room in our house where he could come in and eat and sleep if he wanted,” Sherron Bridges told the U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail. The buffalo has a best buddy, a 9-month-old wolf pup. Sherron Bridges makes clothing from the pounds of buffalo hair Wild Thing sheds each year.

Trump fans

Connellsville fans chant racist slurs at Uniontown, Pa., basketball playersHigh school students at Connellsville, Pa., southeast of Pittsburgh, chanted racial slurs, plus “Build that wall!” and “Get them out of here” at the Black players on the opposing basketball team. The chanting students wore camouflage baseball caps and flannel shirts with sleeves cut off as part of the school’s “Hick Night” theme. One of the students was holding a Trump-Pence campaign sign. “It’s bringing us to tears to see the hatred,” the mother of one of the Black players told a local newspaper.


A plague of fall armyworm caterpillars is devouring corn crops in Zambia, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Reports early last month indicated Close-up of armyworms devouring corn in Africathe voracious caterpillars were destroying up to 84,000 acres of cropland a week. No one knows how the fall armyworm, which is native to South America, made it across the Atlantic Ocean. A female moth can lay as many as 2,000 eggs, which has led some areas to be infested by as many as many as 1,000 caterpillars per square meter. As much as 40 percent of Zambia’s corn crop likely will be lost. “,” a Zimbabwean farmer told South Africa’s Sunday Times.


A French man’s claim that a bug in the Uber smartphone app destroyed his marriage goes to court next month. The man wants $48 million because Uber rides he took in the French Riviera were tracked by his wife, who from the timing of the trips suspected he was having an affair. “There’s a function to disconnect the session but the session was not disconnected,” his lawyer told the French newspaper Le Figaro. The man had used his wife’s iPhone to call for an Uber ride once, then signed out, but subsequent rides were reported by the company back to her phone.

Road plow

Tennessee legislators were debating a bill to immunize drivers against civil prosecution if they hit protesters on a public road while exercising “due care.” “Protesters have no right to be in the middle of the road or our highways for their own safety and the safety of the traveling public,” Republican state Sen. Bill Ketron told a local TV station. The bill was introduced days after a car ran into people at a Nashville protest against Donald Trump’s travel ban.

March for science

Rush Holt, of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, said members of the organization are “standing up for science.” He said there is growing concern among researchers that science is being disregarded by Donald Trump. Scientists from across the U.S. plan to march in Washington, D.C., on April 22, BBC News reported.

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