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Trump Watch 3-1-17

Trump Watch 3-1-17

Pranksters infiltrate CPAC meeting ... White House asks FBI to disavow Russian-White House probe ... 24,000 heathcare professionals sign online petition saying Trump is unqualified because he's nuts ... Rory McIlroy trolled because he played golf with president

The Latest Bizarre News About Our Bizarro World President



Russian flag with the word "Trump"Or was it “Russia! Russia!”? At the Conservative Political Action Conference Trump lovefest last week, two pranksters handed out 1,000 Russian flags imprinted with the word “Trump” moments before Donald Trump took the stage. “I asked people if they wanted a Trump flag, and they took it,” one of the pranksters told the Huffington Post. “There were only about five people who said, ‘Wait a minute, this is the Russian flag.’”

Smoke and fire

Folks who believe the Russians have something on Donald Trump say to look no further than his continued war of words against the intelligence community and his attempt to get the FBI to deny they’re looking into, well, anything. From the Huffington Post: “CNN and The Associated Press reported that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had asked the FBI to publicly dispute reports that the president’s team had communicated with Russian officials throughout the 2016 presidential campaign. FBI director James Comey reportedly refused to comply with the request because of the agency’s ongoing investigation into Trump’s associates and their potentially illegal links to the Kremlin.”


Rory McIlroyGolf star Rory McIlroy, who came under fire for playing golf with Donald Trump, said the game “wasn’t an endorsement nor a political statement of any kind.” McIlroy, the No. 3-ranked player in the world, said he’s been called a “fascist” and a “bigot” for playing 18 holes on Feb. 19 with Trump at Trump International Golf Club, the New York Times reported.

Russian love

Coin minted in Russia with Trump's faceA Russian coin company has manufactured commemorative coins honoring Donald Trump. His profile is on the obverse and “In Trump We Trust” appears on the reverse. The 5-inch diameter, two-pound .999 sterling silver coin’s maker wants to present one to Trump.


A debate is raging among psychiatrists about whether Donald Trump is mentally ill and whether they should speak up. The “Goldwater Rule, “a section of the American Psychiatric Code of Ethics, adopted after the 1964 presidential campaign, prohibits shrinks from discussing the competency of people they haven’t examined. Nonetheless, a change.org online petition with signatures of nearly 24,000 healthcare professionals calls for Trump’s removal because he “manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President.”


Al Capone, who had neurosyphillisOn that point, the liberal New Republic magazine is being trashed on the internet for a story positing that Donald Trump exhibits the mental instability that accompanies the tertiary stages of a sexually transmitted disease. The website conservativetribune.com wrote, “If this isn’t the height of the duplicitous left and their own infectious Trump Derangement Syndrome, then we had better buckle in, because it will only get worse from here.” Among those who had neurosyphillis was Al Capone.

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