CIA Can Hack Any Device

CIA Can Hack Any Device

Wikileaks claims the latest disclosure is larger than Snowden releases

No Computer is Safe from CIA’s Covert Malware


WikiLeaks says it acquired a cache of CIA documents related to the agency’s cyberwar efforts. The information purportedly reveals covert CIA hacking tools that can take over iPhones, Android phones, TVs, and pretty much any type of computer.

Computer experts say the documents appear to be genuine.


The March 7 release, code-named Vault 7, is apparently part of a larger series that WikiLeaks is calling “Year Zero.” The initial dump allegedly contains “8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network” inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Va., according to a WikiLeaks news release.

Wikileaks also claims the latest disclosure is larger than three years’ worth of Edward Snowden releases. WikiLeaks said the documents describe malware that can infest any smartphone on the planet, an app called “Weeping Angel” that turns Samsung Smart TVs into always-on microphones for CIA spying, and a program called “Fine Dining” that helps agents build customized cyber weapons for specific purposes.

The documents also purportedly outline how the CIA builds these weapons and stockpiles so-called zero-day exploits without telling companies like Google that could fix them, the website reported.

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