Book Review: “Mustache Shenanigans”

Book Review: “Mustache Shenanigans”

Funny Filmmaker Gets Real in Autobiography

It should surprise no one that Jay Chandrasekhar, one-fifth of the genius comedy troupe behind “Super Troopers” and “Beerfest,” would be able to write a funny and thoughtful autobiography on the formation of Broken Lizard and their subsequent foray into indie film. 

What was surprising was the way he offered an unvarnished glimpse into the realities of being a brown-skinned American and a comedian in an era when booze and drugs were commonplace comedian fuel. 

“Mustache Shenanigans” is a boisterous read that tells the truth about comedy, film, and everything in between without lecturing or depressing the reader. Find it on bookshelves March 28. 

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