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Community Participation on City Zoning Starts Today

Community Participation on City Zoning Starts Today

IDO Update Hearings Start at 1 p.m.

For citizens of Albuquerque who aren’t government employees, there are few opportunities remaining to voice their thoughts on the city’s updated planning and zoning ordinance.

“It’s complex stuff, there’s no doubt about it,” Council President Isaac Benton said. “There’s also some mistrust of city government for a lot of failures over the years in terms of land use, and also some good projects that were killed because people didn’t understand.”

Now that City Council has approved a Comprehensive Plan update, the next step is for them to deal with the Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO). Hearings begin this afternoon, at 1 p.m. in City Council Chambers, the basement of One Civic Plaza NW.

The Comp Plan is a policy document, setting forth a vision for what city planning and zoning should seek to accomplish. The IDO, on the other hand, is a regulatory document, providing the rules and regulations that turn vision into reality and dictate what city planning and zoning will seek to accomplish.

Unlike the Comp Plan update, which will apply to all of Bernalillo County, the IDO update will only apply to Albuquerque, within city limits.

There is no definite time-frame for the adoption of an IDO update. According to city officials, the necessary steps are as follows:

+ At least two city Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) hearings on the IDO, where EPC will make a recommendation on the issue.

+ Followed by at least two IDO hearings in city council Land Use, Planning and Zoning Committee

+ Finally, the IDO update will be up for consideration by the whole council.

“I’d be surprised if it got to the full council before our break in July,” said Benton.

“Some people would like to probably rush it through,” he said of those EPC hearings. “I’m not one of those people.”



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Johnny Vizcaino is an editorial intern at ABQ Free Press Weekly.

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