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Aux Dog Takes Shakespeare to the Sandias

Aux Dog Takes Shakespeare to the Sandias

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‘Much Ado About Nothing’ gets a New Mexican twist

If you’ve ever wondered what “Much Ado About Nothing” would look like in New Mexico, Aux Dog Theater has the solution. Their new play, presented by the Shakespeare 505 program, gives a delightfully local spin to the old classic.

Set in modern-day Placitas and directed by Victoria J. Liberatori, Much Ado is a fun romp following the strange (and often frustrating) relationship between Beatrice (played by the wonderful Lisa Fenstermacher) and Benedick (Colin A Borden). It’s hilarious watching the two reluctantly fall in love and resist their meddling friends’ capers at every turn.

The story itself is enjoyable, but it’s improved by the chemistry between Fenstermacher and Borden. They spit biting Shakespearean insults at each other, only to later swoon over their mutual proclamations of adoration. The comedic timing of this play is thanks to Billy Shakespeare’s wonderful verse, but credit also goes to Liberatori. She knows the play in and out, and it shows. There’s no awkward silence (unless it’s on purpose), and the jokes land properly; even if you’ve never read any of The Bard’s work.

Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” plays at the Aux Dog theater through April 30. For more information, or to buy tickets, click here.



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Ashley Kurtz is a freelance theater critic.

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  • VJ Liberatori
    April 22, 2017, 2:43 am

    Thank you, Ashley and ABQ FREE PRESS for this great review. Please extend this comp offer to your staffers. We’d love you all to see Much Ado About Nothing. Please just call us at 505-254-7716. VJ Liberatori,
    Aux Dog Theatre Nob Hill

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Dan Klein

Dan Klein is a retired Albuquerque police sergeant. Reach him via Facebook and Twitter via @dankleinabq.

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