Make Your Business a Film Friendly Business

Make Your Business a Film Friendly Business

Any business can become a part of the fastest-growing industry in the state

You can’t have a film or television show without a cast and crew. You can’t have a film industry without an extensive infrastructure of trained technicians, experienced talent, business services, community involvement, and government and organizational stewardship. We’ve got talent. Rosters upon rosters of all varying levels of New Mexico performers who work and train to continually up their game. We’ve got crew, arguably some of the very best in the country, whose population is growing at a rapid pace as technicians regularly rise up in the ranks. Film industry-related organizations pepper the state to present the best opportunities possible to all of the above.

Then there are our state representatives who champion the industry. State film insiders are thankful for the support of politicians such as State Representative Daymon Ely. The House District 23 Representative most notably went to bat at the latest legislative session to protect and improve our film initiatives.

As part of his bid to be the next mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller stands with New Mexico Film in asking for continued community support and business participation to help resuscitate economic prosperity in the city.


Of course, there’s also the support from film friendly businesses. What is a film friendly business? Any number of businesses and service providers who are trusted, highly valued resources to anyone from an upstart film team to a huge studio picture that requires versatility, responsiveness, and innovation.

To become a film friendly business, the first step is making yourself known.

Get listed in the resource directory at the state film office website, and take the Reel NM Vendor Declaration at These are just the first steps on the way to becoming a film business.

Whether retail or service providers, everyone from art supply companies to dog walking services can be a part of our vibrant film industry. Members of film related organizations and statewide film offices work tirelessly to point productions to locally-owned shops, restaurants, manufacturers and other New Mexico-based businesses. It’s time for local companies and contractors at large to make themselves known and available to the most viable career builder and business booster in the state.


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New Mexico film expert Christa Valdez, of and, reports on movie industry news for ABQ Free Press.

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