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Eden’s Fight Song: Whine, Whine, Whine

Eden’s Fight Song: Whine, Whine, Whine

Why do we care more about a basketball team than we care for the safety and economic well-being of our community?

The coaching staff and the front office for APD Suck! So why haven’t we fired them?


Albuquerque residents should be as interested in government as they are in sports teams. Wait, no, we should run government like we run sports teams!

University of New Mexico basketball coach Craig Neal wasn’t a bad coach; his teams were just mediocre. But mediocrity doesn’t hack it in Albuquerque where we demand a basketball coach who can win – a coach who can instill pride in our university and ourselves by getting to the NCAA Tournament. Craig Neal couldn’t get us there, so he was kicked to the curb by the Lobo Nation.
So why is it this same Lobo Nation accepts, no, embraces a losing team when it comes to our public officials? Why do we care more about a basketball team than we care for the safety and economic well-being of our community?

Under Mayor Richard Berry’s “leadership,” Albuquerque has not even approached mediocrity. Our economy is still stagnant while other cities are zooming. We are number one or two for auto thefts in the entire nation. Our police department has gone from 1,100 officers to 839! Yet Lobo Nation either doesn’t seem to care or is OK with this. Our city is losing, and yet the citizens won’t hold the people in charge accountable. Why not?

Albuquerque needs to look itself in the mirror and then give itself a really hard slap to the face. Come on people, where are your priorities? What’s more important, leaving The Pit after the Lobos basketball team wins, or leaving The Pit and finding your car hasn’t been stolen while you were inside watching the game? What’s more important to you?

Is it more important that coach Bob Davies gets us to a football bowl game? Or that the Albuquerque police command staff has a policy in place where little girls like Victoria Martens get to talk to a police officer when some creep attempts to kiss them?

Lobo Nation wouldn’t tolerate Davies having losing seasons, but we tolerate being lied to by APD Chief Gorden Eden’s public information officer about Victoria Martens. Why? Are our priorities so screwed up that a sports team is more important to us than our children’s safety? We hold a coach accountable, but in the same breath we allow the chief of police to play the “poor me” victim card.

A retired APD officer told me recently that APD is like a sports team. The players (beat cops etc) are, for the most part, really good at their jobs (when they aren’t having sex at Wal-Mart and the Real-Time Crime Center). The problem comes in with the coaching staff (APD chief and command officers) and the front office (Mayor Berry). The coaching staff and the front office for APD SUCK! So why haven’t we fired them? City councilors will you come out of hiding to answer this?

Coach Davies and coach Neal have never gone to public meetings and blamed the fans or the university for the poor performance of their teams. They accept that, as the coach, the buck stopped with them.

So why do we tolerate Berry and Eden, and their mouthpieces, going public and blaming everyone else for the high crime in Albuquerque and for the large numbers of officers who have fled this department?

We tolerate Eden telling a church group, “I know it sounds like I’m blaming it all on the judges,” he said about crime in the city, “because I am.”

Eden presides over an APD Facebook page that admittedly produces half-truths, which causes followers to post threats against judges and the media.

A police chief who condones lying and the inciting of violence against citizens is not acting as a peace officer but is using his office to intimidate and stifle speech. Is this what Albuquerque has become?

Where is Berry? Who the hell knows? The only, for sure, thing I know about Berry is when there is a crisis you can bet your ass he will be out of town or unavailable.

Maybe it’s time to hire Davies as police chief. At least he will have the courage to take responsibility for his department and the out-of-control crime in this city.

Gordo is a victim, whine, whine, whine. Berry in the bunker, hide, hide, hide.”

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Dan Klein

Dan Klein is a retired Albuquerque police sergeant. Reach him via Facebook and Twitter via @dankleinabq.

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