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Favoritism for APD Brass

Favoritism for APD Brass

'Why is the ineptness of the Brass of APD constantly swept under the rug?' - Eye on Albuquerque blog

APD Maj. Timothy Gonterman Escaped Discipline in Loss of Rifle

While lower-ranking officers have been fined, even fired

The Albuquerque Police Department was buzzing this week following the revelation that APD Maj. Timothy Gonterman, a friend of Chief Gorden Eden, suffered no consequences in the theft of a military-style semi-automatic rifle from his police SUV.

In reporting the theft on Feb. 22, Gonterman told investigators he locked both the SUV and a security box in his trunk that contained the rifle and a shotgun. Neither the car nor the box showed evidence of forced entry.

“We don’t know how the thief got into the car or safe,” APD spokesperson Celina Espinoza told the Albuquerque Journal in a story published Friday.

Gonterman was not penalized for the loss of the weapons, which together were worth more than $2,000, but Eye on Albuquerque, the website that first broke the story on Thursday, noted multiple instances in which lower-ranking APD personnel were disciplined and required to reimburse APD for the loss of their weapons.

“Gonterman was not held negligent, or financially responsible for his weapon,” Eye on Albuquerque wrote.

Shaun Willoughby, president of the APD union, criticized the disparate treatment and said it undermines morale among rank-and-file officers.

Along with its account of the Gonterman weapons theft and lack of any penalty, Eye on Albuquerque ran a photo of Gonterman, his wife, Det.  Jodi Gonterman, dining with Eden and his wife at a restaurant that apparently had been posted on social media.

Eye on Albuquerque, which appears to rely on APD insiders to reveal goings-on within the department, was critical of APD’s treatment of Gonterman in the face of discipline, fines and even a firing that apparently were meted out in cases of other missing weapons.

“Why is the ineptness of the Brass of APD constantly swept under the rug. Why is it okay that these guns are out on the streets, and why is this administration doing everything it can to make sure it keeps a lid on this behavior?” the anonymous author of the Eye on Albuquerque account wrote. “We want to know why these idiots are not fired? We want to know why these clowns are not held accountable, but instead are rewarded with promotions.”

APD and Eye on Albuquerque have history.

APD Detective Dawne Roberto was terminated by the department in July 2013 after being accused of being associated with Eye on Albuquerque after being seen accessing the website on an APD computer.

After leaving APD, Roberto was hired by the Bosque Farms Police Department. Eden later went after her law enforcement certification, saying she lied when she denied being an administrator for the blog.


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