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Klein to Perry: Save Our City

Klein to Perry: Save Our City

Rob Perry really runs this city, not the mayor, and Perry has to save APD

Open Letter to the Guy in Charge

Please Fire the Top Two APD Cops – Now


To Rob Perry, CAO of the City of Albuquerque:

Rob, your legacy as Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Albuquerque is in deep trouble. I am telling you this out of honest concern that if you don’t start doing your job, no one will hire you after December of this year.

Mayor Richard Berry’s legacy is already set in stone–caused by hiring two inept police chiefs, paying out tens of millions of dollars in police lawsuits and ripping the heart out of Central Avenue. But that’s on him, you have a chance to save yourself. Will you do so?

Rob, everyone knows that you’re the guy who runs this city, that you’re the boss. You must act now to save your legacy and to show that you put the citizens first, not politics and not friendships.

APD Chief Gorden Eden clearly doesn’t know how to run a police department. I bet you knew this when he uttered “justified” at the Boyd press conference over three years ago. You have tried to help him but he continues to be an embarrassment. For the last couple years, you have hidden him from the media and he still finds ways to screw up. Albuquerque can’t afford another seven months of the Gordo and his handpicked buddy Robert Huntsman.

Rob, you have to fire these two now. We can’t wait for December. Gordo doesn’t deserve another penny from the citizens of Albuquerque (he makes about $13,000 / month)

I care about this city and I know you do too. Here is what I advise you to do after you send them packing. First, announce that you will be running APD until a new mayor appoints a new chief. Deputy Chief Eric Garcia can assist you for the next seven months.

Albuquerque taxpayers just spent $8.5 million for the Ashley Browder settlement. Within a month of signing this settlement, another APD officer drove lights and siren through an intersection and killed a 6 year old boy. Albuquerque can’t afford these lawsuits. Albuquerque parents don’t want to bury any more of their children, killed in traffic crashes with APD officers. Do what Gordo can’t figure out: announce a complete review of APD policy for running “code 3, lights and sirens.” Until the policy is researched, require that APD officers running code 3 have to obey all traffic-control devices and speed limits. No more speeding to calls and driving like maniacs. Stop at every traffic-control device, even if the light is green, to make sure every other car has stopped. This will save lives and dollars.

Review the APD Take Home Care policy. All ranks must remove their weapons from any vehicle not secured in a garage or parked in a secure parking lot. We have six stolen police weapons in the last six months! Why Gordo couldn’t figure out that this is bad, really bad, and needed to be addressed is beyond me. But you can make this right. And while you’re at it, make Tim Gonterman reimburse the city for his stolen firearms.

Tell Celina Espinosa and the other APD PIOs to knock off inciting people to violence against the media, citizens and judges. Hold these PIOs accountable, and, if necessary, take away their Facebook and Twitter privileges. Gordo won’t do this. The APD Facebook page has posted several threats against people based upon misinformation from these PIOs. We are one “crazy” away from something very bad happening. You need to get control of APD’s social media campaign now.

End the retention bonuses for APD’s command staff. Their conduct and double standards clearly show they don’t deserve them.

Do whatever you can to keep veteran beat cops from quitting or retiring. It doesn’t do the city any good to hire 100 new officers only to have 90 veteran cops quit. We need to do both, hire and retain.

Rob, don’t believe it when people tell you “how much more damage can Eden do in seven months?” Just look at the last couple months and you’ll see he can do a lot more harm.

Buddy, it’s on you. Albuquerque needs you to do your job right now. This is your moment. Will you seize the day? Or just pray nothing else bad happens?

Your friend, and taxpayer from that “underground newspaper.”

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Dan Klein

Dan Klein is a retired Albuquerque police sergeant. Reach him via Facebook and Twitter via @dankleinabq.

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  • harassing calls
    July 28, 2018, 7:31 am

    I have bookmarked your blog, the articles are way better than other similar blogs.. thanks for a great blog!

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