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Demented or Putin Stooge?

Demented or Putin Stooge?

Imagine the upheaval if it is proved America was conned by Russian propaganda into electing a Putin stooge?

Senate’s Russia Probe will Offer the Nation a Choice

If Trump were removed from office, would his base accept the evidence?


Which would Americans prefer: have their president revealed to be a Russian stooge or have him declared incompetent?

I’m betting the latter.

Now that Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey, I’m betting leaders of the U.S. Congress would prefer the latter as well.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, which is what was happening until Trump put his stubby fingers on the scales.

During the slow, deliberative nature of a Senate investigation – some of it in the open, most behind closed doors over a period of months – the Senate tends to act as a shock absorber of the sort the framers intended, thereby easing possible jolts to the U.S. markets and the confidence of the American people caused by the underlying reason for the investigation.

By firing Comey, Trump in all his imperious ignorance of U.S. political and constitutional processes, guaranteed that the Russia probe will not go away.

Let’s assume, and this is not too great a stretch, that the Trump-Russia probe finds fire where there has been plenty of smoke involving Trump and those closest to him, as has previously been reported.

Could you imagine the upheaval – and even civil unrest – that would occur if the most loyal of Trump’s supporters were told by “the fake media” that they had been conned by Russian propaganda inserted into their Facebook feeds, that they had elected a president deeply compromised by Vladimir Putin?

Would some or even any of that “basket of deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton has called Trump’s base, even believe it? Even if the head of the FBI said it?

Whether Trump was compromised by sexual hijinks involving Russian hookers in the Moscow Ritz-Carlton or through Russian loans or money-laundering real estate deals involving Russian oligarchs really doesn’t matter at this point.

As the Trump-Russia probe moves forward, I would argue it would be better for the nation that Trump be removed from office on the basis of the irrational, nonsensical things he says before it is publicly proved that he is a Putin puppet.

Would it not be better for Trump to be declared the victim of early-onset Alzheimer’s or dementia caused by neurosyphillis, or paranoia, or “malignant narcissism,”– or anything, really, other being a Russian stooge?

That he is unable to discharge his duties is plausible enough, given his record of impulsiveness and his tenuous grip on reality – all of which is reflected by the chaos within his administration.

Nearly 55,000 mental health professionals have signed a Change.org petition urging that he be removed from office because he “manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.”

Hopefully, before the Senate and FBI’s probe reaches the point of no return, Trump would be confronted with the evidence against him and asked to resign under the terms of the 25th Amendment and agree to inform Congress he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

Yes. It would be better for the nation that Trump is found incompetent rather than be proven a Putin stooge.

As a journalist, I guess I should be for a public pillorying of Trump for any and all conflicts of interest, his likely compromising by the Russians and any treasonous acts resulting therefrom. The public’s right to know, you know.

The truth will ultimately come out, but for the sake of the union, I’d argue it would be better to buy time for the Russian stench to be cleared out of the White House and Congress to investigate how our electoral system might be made safe from Russian influence in the future.

Let the markets be calmed. Let the military and our allies breathe a sigh of relief. Let the nation get used to a government run by Mike Pence. Let Trump’s base be assuaged by the promises of his hand-picked successor.

And most importantly, let the world know that Trump was merely a rogue wave that briefly threatened our ship of state and, by extension, the world.

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Dan Vukelich is a writer and former editor of ABQ Free Press.

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