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Udall Rips Trump’s Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Udall Rips Trump’s Proposed Medicaid Cuts

Says $800 Billion In Proposed Cuts Would Devastate New Mexico

Senator Tom Udall said Monday that Donald Trump’s proposed $800 billion in cuts to the Medicaid program over the next 10 years would “devastate” New Mexico and the more than 900,000 people on the state’s Medicaid rolls.

Various news outlets have reported Trump’s proposed Medicaid cuts, although Trump’s FY 2018 budget has yet to be released.

In April, 905,265 New Mexicans were on Medicaid, the joint, federal-state health care program for low-income people. Of those, 268,261 were low-income adults who got on Medicaid as a result of the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act.

CNN reported that the proposed cuts under the health care bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives “would significantly curtail federal federal support for Medicaid.”

The network’s report added, “Under that bill, in 2020, states that expanded the program would no longer receive enhanced funding to cover low-income adults, while states that did not expand previously would not be able to do so, starting immediately. Some 11 million adults have gained coverage under Medicaid expansion.

“Also, the bill would reduce federal funding for the entire Medicaid program, which covers more than 70 million low-income children, adults, disabled Americans and the elderly. States would either receive a set amount of funding per enrollee, known as a per capita grant, or fixed funding in the form of a block grant.”

Udall, a New Mexico Democrat, ripped the proposed cuts in a prepared statement.

“The proposed cuts to Medicaid in the president’s budget and in TrumpCare would devastate the health and economic security of families across New Mexico,” Udall said. “President Trump’s disastrous proposal would strip away health care from the 265,000 New Mexicans who gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act, and would jeopardize the health care of the more than 900,000 New Mexicans who are currently enrolled in Medicaid.

“TrumpCare drastically reduces Medicaid funding across the board not just the expansion passed as part of ACA. This inhumane budget represents an astonishing and brazen broken promise from President Trump, who pledged clearly and repeatedly not to cut Medicaid, which protects kids, the elderly and disabled, and low-income families.

“Not only would the president gut Medicaid and threaten the health care of nearly a million New Mexicans, but his cuts would also deal a crippling blow to New Mexico’s already struggling economy. TrumpCare would cost New Mexico nearly 32,000 jobs and $11.4 billion dollars in much needed revenue for our state, threatening to send New Mexico into another recession.”

New Mexico currently spends $1.2 billion out of its $6.1 billion budget on Medicaid. With federal matching dollars, the state’s total Medicaid budget for next year would be $5.8 billion.

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Dennis Domrzalski is managing editor of ABQ Free Press. Reach him at dennis@freeabq.com.

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