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What You’re Telling Us

What You’re Telling Us

Let us know what you're thinking. ABQ Free Press publishes readers' comments, letters and op-ed pieces. Send them to editor@freeabq.com and put "Letters" in the subject line.

On Candidate’s Lawsuit to Get on the Ballot

Stella Padilla has made waves and is making a splash, rocking the boat, as she is now bringing to light the latest in a string of voting irregularities, involving the Office of the Albuquerque City Clerk, throughout the past 5 – 10 years and its flawed processes & its lack of meaningful oversight.

In this current wave of strong populist sentiment we are experiencing Padilla’s lawsuit underway against the City Clerk (Natalie Howard) cuts to the core of the people’s frustration and exasperation with the political establishment, the structure of our institutions along with the institutions’ corruption and/or ineptitude, as well as questioning the primary process in the capability of a broad field of candidates having the capability to fairly compete.

How people end up often depends to great extent on how they started off. Ms. Padilla said she is not just doing this for herself but for anyone who will run for Office in the city of Albuquerque, in the future and, for the protection of the voters. Stella is to be commended for not only running a truly grassroots mayoral campaign but also for her tenacity in fighting for justice and working to improve the political system & bettering people’s lives in the city.

  – Art Tennenbaum, May 31

On UNM AD’s Golf Junket

Nothing to see here!

“Chaouki has done an excellent job,” Board of Regents President Rob Doughty said of Abdallah’s work. “He’s stepped in with confidence and has really gained the respect of every different constituency within UNM.” UNM will pay Abdallah an annual salary of $315,087 while he’s in charge. https://www.abqjournal.com/1010313/regent-expects-president-to-be-named-in-oct.html

– Brian Fejer, May 30

New Mexico In Depth examined reports filed by mayoral candidates through April 15, as well as the report http://cognospublic.cabq.gov/cabqcognos/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi of contributions by city contractors and their employees tallied by city staff.

On Contractor Influence at City Hall

NMID also conducted its own analysis by comparing a list of current city contractors with candidate campaign filings.

The NMID review came up with many more contributions and more than double the total contribution amount as the city analysis of contractors.

City Clerk Natalie Howard said it’s unclear why NMID found more contributions from city vendors and their employees. She said she would check with her information technology department and the purchasing department about the discrepancies.

“It could be a programming issue,” she said.

Even an employee of the firm hired to audit the city’s elections reports was left out of the city report.

Joe Standley, a principal in accounting firm Ricci and Co., donated $250 to Dan Lewis in January. Ricci and Co. will be paid up to $55,000 to serve as campaign and elections auditor.

– Anonymous, May 30

On the Mayoral Forum

The Albuquerque Chamber of Congress also states that we have a permanent fund. Pete Dinelli appears to be incorrect in his assertion.

Pete Dinelli also leaves out the fact that 2/3 Republicans were not invited.

– Anonymous, May 26




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