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Udall, Luján Respond To Comey Testimony

Udall, Luján Respond To Comey Testimony

Former Director "Got It Exactly Right"

U.S. Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) and Congressman Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) each released a statement on former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Udall said:

“James Comey’s testimony has painted a truly frightening picture for the American people. Today, Mr. Comey reiterated to the American people that, beyond any shadow of a doubt, a foreign adversary attacked our democracy.

Mr. Comey told the American people that they cannot trust their president to tell the truth. Mr. Comey told the American people that their president tried to end an active investigation into members of his own administration.

When Mr. Comey refused to comply with the president’s request to ‘lift the cloud’ of that investigation, the president fired him. And based on what we learned from Mr. Comey’s testimony today, I believe that is appropriate for President Trump’s actions to be investigated for obstruction of justice.

The overwhelming level of public concern about today’s testimony – and the damning facts that have emerged in this testimony – once again affirm the need for a public and independent commission to investigate this national crisis.

Instead of keeping this investigation behind closed doors, there must be an open and public forum, like the 9/11 commission, to shine a light on Russian interference in our election, possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and the Russian government, and the president’s disturbing actions to hinder this ongoing investigation. The American people are deeply worried about the state of their country, and they deserve answers.”

Luján’s statement:

“I think the big news out of today’s hearing goes far beyond what the President or Jim Comey said – though those things are obviously important too.

I think former Director Comey got it exactly right when he said that any time a foreign government uses hacking, propaganda and other methods to shape the way Americans think, the way we vote, the way we act, it is a very serious matter.

As Mr. Comey said Russia feels threatened by our system of government, by democracy itself. They have attacked our country through these counterespionage efforts and dirty tricks in the past and they will continue to try to run America down and dirty up the waters as much as possible. That is not acceptable.

We must understand what the Russians did, how they did it, whether any Americans helped them – unwittingly or intentionally – and how we can stop it from happening again.

If the President and his team had a role we need to understand that as well, but we should not, and cannot, take our eye off the very serious threat of a hostile foreign government trying to undermine and attack our democracy.”

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