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Why Trump Should Be Impeached

Why Trump Should Be Impeached

President Is Unmistakably Under Putin's Thumb

By now it should be apparent to most Americans that President Donald Trump has been compromised by Vladimir Putin and should be removed from office.

Fired FBI Director James Comey’s congressional testimony lays the foundation for a case of obstruction of justice against Trump. But the totality of the evidence for impeachment lies in Trump’s statements and actions since well before the election.

Whether through sexual hijinks or, more likely, tainted real estate deals involving Russian money, Trump is clearly beholden to Putin and is willing to commit treason while in office.

Here is the case to support Trump’s impeachment, broken into two areas – his actions in violation of his constitutional oath in support of this nation’s foes foreign and domestic.

Foes foreign

Trump has disparaged and sown dissent among our allies in NATO, the greatest alliance in defense of freedom in history. NATO is the single greatest obstacle to Putin’s ambitions to recreate the Soviet Union, dominate Europe and fulfill the vision of Joseph Stalin.

Trump walked away from a U.S.-led climate deal that took 10 years to negotiate and brought together 193 nations to put aside self-interests for the sake of the planet. Economic chaos, starvation, forest fires, floods, rising sea levels – all of it serves Russia’s interests.

Trump’s cynical “America First” doctrine carries with it an implicit abdication of America’s world leadership role and creates a power vacuum to be filled by Russia and China.

In our own hemisphere, Trump provoked discord with Mexico, our largest trading partner. He picked a meaningless trade fight over lumber with Canada. He vows to dismantle or renegotiate NAFTA, which has enhanced, not diminished, American economic might.

Fanning U.S. Islamophobia, Trump is trying to choke off immigration from Muslim-majority countries for no real benefit. In so doing he undermines diplomatic progress in healing divisions between the West and 1.6 billion Muslims around the world.

Trump has failed to appoint the people needed to adequately staff the Pentagon, a purposeful act of misfeasance that leaves the U.S. vulnerable and compromised in its ability to mount an effective military counter to any Russian offensive.

From the moment he was elected, Trump’s staff feverishly worked to lift the Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia – and throw away what little leverage the West has against Putin and his rogue nation.

Trump slashed NASA’s budget and undermined this nation’s ability to claim primacy in space, leaving China, Russia or India to explore and profit from the final frontier.

Trump walked away from the Trans Pacific Partnership and, by so doing, ceded economic leadership in East Asia and the Pacific to China. He undermined U.S. leverage among Asian trading partners. The resulting power vacuum likely will be filled by China.

Trump has praised the extra-judicial killings of thousands of Filipinos by their own president, and in so doing he abdicated the moral leadership the United States has enjoyed for most of the last 100 years.

Trump dispatched his son-in-law to set up a secret communications line with Russia to prevent eavesdropping by U.S. intelligence. Trump, his attorney general, his son-in-law and his national security advisor and the brother of his education secretary all met with Russians after his election. His commerce secretary has sat on the board of a Cypriot bank alleged to have engaged in Russian money laundering.

Foes Domestic

Trump criticized the legitimacy of his own election, calling the election “rigged” and undermined Americans’ trust in our electoral system as well as offering a propaganda bonanza to Putin who has been hard at work attacking the legitimacy of European elections.

By picking an avowed climate denier as head of the EPA, Trump has begun the poisoning of our air and water and soil.

By using racist code words in his speeches, hiring a racist as a top adviser and failing to denounce acts of racial violence at home, Trump has encouraged support for the “alt right,” which is another name for the people who would lynch Blacks and murder Jews.

By selecting a racist as his attorney general, Trump has reversed the nation’s effort to correct its immoral, decades-long pattern of mass incarceration. A return to imprisonment of Blacks on minor charges – mostly non-violent low-level drugs charges – likely will ignite unhealed racial tensions and lead to a long, hot summer.

Amendment XXV

These are not acts of stupidity. While Donald Trump may be a stupid man, he knows the consequences of his actions. Like any person caught in the net of a blackmailer, a person of wealth and reputation will do anything to wriggle off the hook and signal that the message of the blackmailer has been received.

Every public statement and action Donald Trump has taken since before he was elected signaled, “I’m here, boss. I hear you.”

Congress’ and the independent counsel’s probe of Russian meddling will proceed, but from the evidence to date, it’s clear the probe will lead to Trump himself and ultimately to a bipartisan call for his impeachment.

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