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Chamber’s Terri Cole Makes $177K A Year

Chamber’s Terri Cole Makes $177K A Year

For all those not-so-fresh ideas, and for giving a public safety award to a mayor who has destroyed public safety, Cole makes $177,500 a year.

Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce CEO Terri Cole might want to read her organization’s tax return. If she did, she might have thought twice about giving Mayor Richard Berry the guy who has presided over the decimation of the Albuquerque Police Department and a massive increase in crime  an “excellence in public safety” award.

On the first page of the Chamber’s tax return is its mission statement. It reads in part: “As the voice of business since 1917, we envision New Mexicans living in safe neighborhoods, working in rewarding careers at thriving businesses, while their children attend great schools.”

Well, Albuquerqueans, how’s that working out for you and your families?

The city’s economy has been in the tank for nearly 10 years, and the public schools, well, we all know they’re far from the best.

And thriving businesses? Just ask the places along Central Avenue how well they’re doing with construction of the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project. Many report that business is way down, and many have already closed because of ART.

Yet despite all these failures, Cole hangs on as the Chamber’s CEO, a job she has held since 1983.

One ABQ Free Press reader joked that the Chamber’s next award should go to Cole for being a fossil, since she’s been there so long.

Actually, Cole joined the Chamber in 1978. So much for new blood and fresh ideas.

And for all those not-so-fresh ideas, and for giving a public safety award to a mayor who has destroyed public safety, Cole makes $177,500 a year.

That’s right, $177,500 a year.

We thought our readers would like to see the Chamber’s latest tax return, which contains Cole’s compensation. Below is the organization’s tax return from 2013, which was the latest we could find online. The Chamber is a nonprofit organization, so its tax returns are public.

Check out pages nine and 10 to see the Chamber’s revenues and expenses, and page 26 to see how much they’re paying Cole.

Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax by ABQFreePress on Scribd

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