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Holy Crime Wave! Stella Padilla Steals Citizen’s Crime-Fighting Plan!

Holy Crime Wave! Stella Padilla Steals Citizen’s Crime-Fighting Plan!

Padilla, who says she will run as a write-in candidate, boasted of her bold, late-night thievery and even posted a video of it on YouTube.

Holy one-woman crime wave!

Former mayoral candidate Stella Padilla has stolen a crime-fighting plan from a private citizen!

Padilla, who says she will run as a write-in candidate, boasted of her bold, late-night thievery and even posted a video of it on YouTube. We’ve posted the evidence below so you can see the brazenly bold woman at work.

She claims to have stolen the crime-fighting plan from Dennis Maez, a former APD cop and retired U.S. Secret Service agent. Maez begged the mayoral candidates to steal his crime-fighting plan in a July 7 article for the ABQ Free Press.

And now that Padilla has provided evidence of her thievery, what will Maez do?

Well, nothing.

“I’m not going to report it to APD because if I did, it would probably take a couple of weeks for an officer to respond,” Maez told ABQ Free Press in an exclusive, post-crime interview.

What will Padilla do with the crime-fighting plan?

“I’m going to use it,” she said.

We’ll see.

Will Padilla steal crime-fighting plans from other mayoral candidates?

“If they had one worth stealing, or that made sense, I would steal it,” Padilla said.

That means the answer is “no.”

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Dennis Domrzalski is managing editor of ABQ Free Press. Reach him at dennis@freeabq.com.

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  • Art
    August 4, 2017, 1:39 am

    As Albuquerque descends more deeply into mad chaos while the election frenzy is fully under way, it is becoming clearer who really cares about the city; deeply entrenched political figures are not among the caring. Stella Padilla is open and honest about the sources of her proposed solutions at least.
    Whoa! Money can’t buy elections anymore (not to mention a Bob’s Burger taste treat, later than 3:00 in the afternoon — cash is a liability in this town now), nor can the worn-out and beaten-to-death political exploitation of sky high crime rates among other dire circumstances throughout the city. Who’d’ve thunk it would ever come to this….
    The satire in ABQ FREE PRESS recently is getting much attention. Why? Because the state of politics locally has gone over the top (down to the bottom) regarding incredible absurdity in all things political, currently reaching the lowest depths of moral depravity imaginable. Not only are the self-image consumed politicos mistrusted by the general public, they’re obviously distrusted by each other. The very notion of having a secret plan to help society at large that a candidate claims could be stolen speaks volumes with respect to community spirit, or lack of it.
    The big shots in local politics simply cannot be taken seriously. Instead of working towards meaningful governing, they’re consumed with marketing and ‘Public Relations’ tactics that have gotten to the point where even the most ordinary people can see clear through the Emperors’ clothing.
    Padilla, who is evidently our only candidate willing to take up the offer of the now retired law enforcement specialist to "please ‘steal’" the crime-fighting plan that was apparently neglected by all other mayoral candidates, is actually seeking solutions while the other mayoral hopefuls are busy trying to out-maneuver, out-talk, out-think and outright corrupt each other. It’s the truly goal oriented individuals who are dedicated to real improvement who simply offer and share ideas collaboratively, without seeking credit for themselves personally.
    Seriously, folks, the ever extreme blame game that has become pervasive in politics must come to a halt since it has only fueled the madness and has served as the greatest distraction/diversion from our potentially collective achievements that are necessary in order to rebuild a strong & healthy community. Ultimately the fault is the citizens’, for their complacency and lack of commitment. With such low voter turnout as we have experienced lately you’ve got to wonder if all that money in politics would have a greater return on investment were it to be put directly into government — real governing — rather than politicking.

  • Retro clothes
    May 29, 2018, 2:55 am

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