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ABQ Lighting Project To Improve Energy Efficiency, Safety

ABQ Lighting Project To Improve Energy Efficiency, Safety

By converting to LED, the city can reduce its offset of carbon dioxide by more than 123,000 tons.

Albuquerque is one step closer to converting its street lights to LED. There are 32,600 street lights owned by both the city and PNM. This project will convert more than 20,000 city-owned lights with the remainder being negotiated with PNM.

The conversion to LED streetlights will be paid for through electrical savings and reduced maintenance costs and will not require fee or rate increases. The total cost of the initial 20,000 LED lights is $20 million and will take approximately 12 months to complete.

Over the past 12 months Albuquerque and Citelum, the successful bidder, have worked together to engineer a custom “Lighting Master Plan” for the city, starting with a complete inventory of every street light. Each light was inspected, measured for light output, and cataloged into a citywide database.

As part of the contract, Citelum will maintain the lights for 15 years, guaranteeing both energy and maintenance cost savings as well as improved lighting with less light pollution.

The benefits of the project include increased public safety and roadway safety, an energy and maintenance lifetime cost savings of approximately $19 million, and specific lighting controls for activity centers, major roadways and neighborhoods.

By converting to LED, Albuquerque can reduce its offset of carbon dioxide by more than 123,000 tons over its 15 year lifetime, which is the equivalent of removing 12,999 single family homes energy use off the grid for one year.

Life expectancy of LED lighting far exceeds that of Albuquerque’s current street lights. The ability to monitor real time data should allow for faster repair times and also exact location targeting, which will eliminate time spent searching for non-operational street lights, further reducing carbon footprint.

Citelum will provide global lighting expertise and industry best practices to ensure that Albuquerque receives reliable and efficient LED and smart control upgrade. Citelum is trusted by other major cities such as Copenhagen and Paris and has more than 2.5 million streetlights under their management.

The agreement between the city and Citelum is based on measurable and enforceable key performance indicators that guarantee Albuquerque will benefit from a higher percentage of lights on (98 percent at all times), and faster response times in repairing outages (48 hours for standard repairs, excluding special order items).

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  • gskibum
    August 28, 2017, 4:27 pm

    $1,000 a pop. What a steal. /sarc

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