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NM Workers Feel They Deserve $11,315 Raise

NM Workers Feel They Deserve $11,315 Raise

Study shows that the average New Mexican believes they deserve an extra 8.5 vacation days per year.

Recording systems and equipment firm Intelligent Video Solutions carried out a survey of 3,000 U.S. workers and came up with some interesting results. On average, Americans believe they deserve a 37.6 percent salary increase (or $11,378.52 more per year than our current salary) and 9.5 more vacation days per year.

This did vary across the states, however, with Maryland residents believing they’re the most undervalued and should be paid $17,508.31 more per year. Those happiest with their current wage were West Virginians, who would be happy with just $2,271.40 more a year. New Mexicans felt they deserved an extra $11,315 per year.

Intelligent Video Solutions also asked how many more days of paid vacation people think they deserve. The majority of Americans only get 10 days a year  compared to European workers, who get around 25-30 days so it’s no surprise that, on average, we’d like 9.5 more days.

The most burned-out states seem to be Oregon and Oklahoma, who’d love an extra 26.7 days, resulting in over a month off every year. New Mexico workers feel they deserve an extra 8.5 vacation days per year. However, Hawaiians  who probably feel like they’re on vacation all the time anyway  didn’t want any more at all!

Respondents were also asked if, given the choice, would they choose between more pay or more vacation days. Instead of choosing more time off, 65.1 percent, including those from New Mexico, would prefer a higher salary. Likely so we can afford better places to go when we actually do take a vacation.

Only residents of Colorado, Nevada, Missouri, Georgia, Michigan and Maine chose more vacation days over more money. Those in Utah, Alaska, Indiana, South Carolina, and New Hampshire simply couldn’t decide.

Surveying workers by industry, Intelligent Video Solutions found that attorneys were the industry who felt they deserved the least raise  only a 30 percent increase. The industry you’d expect to ask for the least actually asked for the most: Charity workers said they deserved an increase of 32.22 percent.

While bankers felt they deserved 41.43 percent on top of what they currently earn, the most money-grubbing industry was tech. Those in the tech industry felt they deserved over 50 percent more money (57.69 percent, in fact).

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