Advertising is a partnership
Advertising is a partnership. We build an audience of informed readers and consumers that your ads will reach — an audience that most small businesses can’t build or reach on their own. Small businesses need advertising the most, but are too often priced out of the market. ABQ Free Press is committed to helping Albuquerque’s small businesses thrive. That’s why our rates are very affordable.

We believe that building an audience of informed consumers through news is essential if a free society is to survive and thrive. That’s why ABA Free Press is Albuquerque’s daily online source for

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Your full-color ads will rotate through every story on our web site and link to your web site. And because we post new stories every day, your ad is being viewed every day.

  • Ad size: 356 pixels wide x 407 pixels high
  • Full color
  • Ads rotate through every story on our web site
  • Ad links to your web site
  • We Post Daily!

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