• Trump: Putin’s Stooge

    Trump: Putin’s Stooge0

    What Started as a Probe into Russian Hacking and Meddling Appears to have Expanded into an Examination of Russian Infiltration into the Highest Levels of our Government

  • Zika and the Republicans

    Zika and the Republicans0

    The Obama administration has been pleading for nearly a year for more money for Zika research and eradication, only to have Republicans say what they always say, which is ‘no’

  • Editorial: Why ART?

    Editorial: Why ART?1

    Berry, a contractor, wants to throw most of the $119 million earmarked for the Albuquerque Rapid Transit at his contractor buddies who, in turn, will reward him with campaign contributions as the 2018 gubernatorial race gets under way.

  • Editorial: Do Not Vote for Either of These Two Men!

    Editorial: Do Not Vote for Either of These Two Men!1

    Manny Ortiz, the incumbent, and his tag-team partner, Patrick Padilla, have for years treated the Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office like their own personal crap game